DOUGLAS COUNTY GENWEB: 1860 Census 1860 Federal Census - Douglas County, MN

Compiled and abstracted by Ginny Swartz>

About half of the settlers listed had families with them; most of the settlers were farmers; the merchants are included in this list and are also listed in the history of Alexandria Township. According to the Mortality Schedule taken on deaths between 1 June 1859 and 1 June 1860, the only death in the county was a young son of William Kinkaid who died during the winter of unknown causes. It is presumed that he is buried in what is now known as Kincaid Cemetery, just to the northwest of Lake Agnes. It is now the oldest and largest cemetery in the county.

The actual census also lists the other people living in the household. Anderson, Dennis - Ireland
Austin, Hans - Holland
Barnes, Nathaniel - ME
Barr, James - PA
Bedman, John - England
Briggs, Clineger - VT
Briggs, Eli - NY
Briskel, Jacob - Germany
Brown, William - VT
Cady, Samuel - NY
Caldwell, John - Canada
Campbell, John - ME
Campbell, John - NY
Canfield, Charles
Carter, Wesley - PA
Christholm, Alexis - ME
Cole, Chritopher - Prussia
Colony, Josiah - MD
Cook, Charles
Crandell, Henry - NY
Dachenkow, John

& Thomas - Canada
Darling, Thomas, OH
Doe, Benjamine - NY
Domince, Hugh - IN
Eastman, Roger
Elliott, LeRoy - PA
Fairfield, Joshau - MA
Fontaine, Isaac - Canada
Frainsick, William - IL
Gilbert, John - NY
Gordon, William - NY
Grant, Noah - NH
Gregory, Peter - NY
Hall, George - CT
Hansen, Carl - Germany
Heuster, William - New York
Jacob, Louis - Prussia
James, Joseph - PA
Jettlet, Andrew - NY
Kerr, John - Ireland
Kin, Gundy - PA
Kinkaid, William - MD
Martin, Andrew - NY
McBride, Bridget - Ireland
McKenney, Clemence - NY
Morris, John - Wales
Moulton, Francis - NH
Oleson, Hans & son Abram - Sweden
Oslerr, Henry - Prussia
Ott, Dominic - MI
Pease, Benjamine - New York
Rawleg, Susan - VT
Rogers, John - NY
Shotwell, David - NJ
Siomet, William - Switzerland
Smith, George - NY
Streeter, Levi - NY
Taylor, Charles - VA
Thakenburg, Fred - Brunswick
Tulford, William - Canada
VanDyke, James - NY
Wagner, Edward
Watte, William, ME
Watts, William - England
Wheeler, Jerome
Whipple, Elizabeth
White, James - Canada
Wiggens, Jacob - ME


File updated 1 March 1998

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