Cottonwood County G.A.R.

Grand Army of the Republic
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

The first G.A.R. organization in Cottonwood County, in Windom, the Stephen Miller Post No. 38 was organized December 3, 1874 and existed a few years but then disbanded. It had a membership of fifty soldiers, names unknown.

LaGrange Post No. 79, Windom, was organized March 15, 1884, with a charter membership of forty-nine comrades of the Civil War as follow:

S. M. Espey

Charles Winzer

W. W. Barlow

C. F. Warren

Freeman Trowbridge

James W. Hayes

Thomas S. Potter

John Malmstein

David P. Langley

W. B. Williams

W. W. Frost

A. J. Hall

D. C. Ashley

T. S. Brown

Zed. Day

M. Chase

Jerome Cutler

J. A. Brown

C. A. Chandler

William Copp

H. A. Cone

Z. B. Chatfield

W. B. Fry

Allen Gardner

J. F. French

J. F. Force

H. S. Ellis

A. J. Frost

S. S. Gillam

A. Ingalls

E. Leonard

A. W. Johnson

John Tilford

E. M. Peterson

Orrin Nason

J. E. Mace

W. A. Potter

A. A. Miles

R. R. Janness

S. O. Taggart

A. A. Start

J. M. Root

C. W. Seely

Paul Seegar

W. W. Zuel

Ezra Winslow

E. W. Vandorn

C. A. Wood

S. J. Woodward

J. W. Cogley