Cottonwood Co., MN 1874 Cottonwood Co. Map

1874 Map
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Click on each link below to see the separate township maps.
There are a few landowners listed in some of the townships,
especially in the southeast quadrant. Rose Hill, Storden and
Midway were not yet in existance. Maps may be slow to load.

Amboy Twp.
Amo Twp.
Ann Twp.
Carson Twp.
Dale Twp.
Delton Twp.
Germantown Twp.
Great Bend Twp.
Highwater Twp.
Lakeside Twp.
Mountain Lake Twp.
Selma Twp.
Southbrook Twp.
Springfield Twp.
Westbrook Twp.