Cottonwood County MN History--Springfield Twp.

Springfield Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Springfield township is the second from the western line of the county and is on the south line, with Southbrook township at its west, Amo township at its north, Great Bend township at its east and Jackson county at the south. It comprises all of congressional township 105, range 37 west The main stream and south branch of the Des Moines river flow from the southeast to the northeast of this township, forming the great bend, after leaving and entering Great Bend township. This is an excellent township and the farming interests are good. The people are of the thrifty type, who always succeed in accumulating wealth. Once a barren prairie domain, it has, under the touch and labor of its settlers, come to be known as one of the finest in the county. Its groves, which were planted out by the thoughtful settlers, have come to be of great beauty and utility, both for the fuel and shelter they afford against the severe elements.

The population of Springfield township in 1895 was 351; in 1900 it was 361 and in the United States census reports for 1910 its population was given as only 332.


Springfield became a separate civil township by an act of the board of county commissioners in 1870, when Great Bend and a few more townships were organized. By a petition of a majority of the legal voters within township 105, range 37, west, the county commissioners decided to form this township, and fixed the day for the first township election for August 27, 1870, and appointed John Wilford, George W. McGaughey and R. A. Nichols as judges of the election. This was done at the county commissioners' meeting at Great Bend, before Windom had been made the seat of justice, the exact date being August 15, 1870.