Cottonwood County MN History--Selma Twp.

Selma Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

The extreme northeastern congressional township in Cottonwood county is known as Selma; it comprises township 107, range 34 west, and is situated directly south of Brown county, west of Watonwan county, north of Midway township, Cottonwood county, and east of Delton township, this county.

A branch of the Chicago & Northwestern railway crosses this township, entering in section 3, running directly southeast, leaving the township and county from section 13. The Watonwan river and small tributaries are found flowing through this township. The soil is excellent and all the tillable land is now under a high state of cultivation. The village of Comfrey, Brown county, extends over into this township to a certain extent. Of the churches and schools of the township other separate chapters will treat The population of the township in 1895 was 405; in 1900 it was placed at 427 and the United States census returns for 1910 gave it as having 530. There are no towns or villages within Selma.


Selma township was organized by the board of county commissioners at their regular meeting in March, 1874, and was then named Clinton township and why changed, or when, the records seem silent. It comprises township 107, range 34 west. The first election was called to be held at the house of D. T. Woodward, April 4, 1874.

"Ripley" township was organized at the same time and comprised township 108, range 34 west, which civil township has no history in this county, as it was immediately taken over by Brown county with another congressional township.