Cottonwood County MN History--Rosehill Twp.

Rose Hill Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Rose Hill township is situated on the western line of Cottonwood omnty and is the second from the southern line. It comprises all of congressional township 106, range 38 west. It is bounded on the north by Westbrook township, on the east by Amo, on the south by Southbrook and on the west is the county line between Cottonwood and Murray counties. Originally, there were numerous lakes and prairie ponds within the limits of this township, and there are still a few, but many of the lakes have been drained and their beds are utilized for pasture and field purposes. Among the lakes are Berry, Long and Carey lakes.

This is an excellent agricultural and dairy section and the farmers are rapidly becoming forehanded and wealthy. They have the modern conveniences of life, and are reaping the reward for the long years of struggle they had as homesteaders, against prairie fires and grasshoppers.

The population of the township in 1895 was 480; in 1900 it was 535 but by 1910, according to the United States census returns it had decreased to 510.


By an act of the board of county commissioners in the month of March, 1879, Rose Hill township was organized, and the board ordered the first township meeting and election of officers to take place on April 5, 1879, at the house of John Carey.