Cottonwood County MN History--Mountain Lake Twp.

Mountain Lake Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

The southeastern corner township in Cottonwood is Mountain Lake. It comprises all of congressional township 105, range 34, west, and is a full thirty-six section township. It is situated south of Midway township, west of the Watonwan county line, north from Jackson county and east of Lakewood township. It derives its name from the lake of that name within its borders, of which further mention will be made. The lake, as known to pioneers, is no more; it has long since been drained and grains and grasses grow in its old bed. There are a few small prairie creeks in the township, but none of any considerable size. Except the southern suburbs of the village of Mountain Lake, which is in Midway township, there are no villages within Mountain Lake township. It is excellent land and produces immense crops of all grains and grasses common to this latitude. It is setteled very largely by Russians, who make first class agriculturists, although many have methods peculiar to themselves.

The population of the township in 1895 was 612; in 1900 it was 561 and the United States census for 1900 gave it as only 512.

Mountain Lake township was organized at a board meeting in 1871, by a petition presented the board by Daniel D. Bates and many more, asking that township 105, range 34 be set off and called Mountain Lake township. The prayer was answered and the township organized by calling the first election at the house of A. A. Soule, Saturday, May 6, 1871. Daniel D. Bates, A. A. Soule and M. Jacobson were appointed judges of s,uch election, and S. H. Soule was appointed clerk. The legal description of the new townships was: "Commencing at the northeast corner of township 105, range 34, thence south to the southeast corner of said township and range; thence west to the southwest corner of said township, thence east to the northeast corner of said township and to the northeast corner of said township, thence to the place of beginning."

The business interests and professions of Mountain Lake were represented by the following in 1916:

Auto garage—H. P. Goertz Auto Company, Peter Stoesz.
Banks—First National, First State.
Barber shop—Rempel & Harder.
Blacksmith shops—Peter Goosen, Herman Krernin.
Confectionery—J. J. Vogt, "The Pleasant Corner."
Clothing—Janzen Brothers, J. N. Fast
Creamery station—Fairmount Creamery Company, Worthington Creamery Company, Hansford Creamery Company.
Drug store—S. Balzer.
Dray lines—J. P. E. Derksen, Dick & Heppner.
Dentist—E. A. Rieke.
Elevator—F. Schroeder, Ilubbard & Palmer, Farmers Elevator Company, Schaefer Brothers.
Furniture dealer—Jacob Heir, J. J. Janzen.
Feed store—D. D. Enns.
General dealers—Balzer, Hiebert and Company, David Ewert, P. Geyerman & Sons, Ed. Rupp.
Hotel—The Commercial.
Harness shop—Mens S. Hanson.
Hardware dealers—J. J. Janzen, John Jungas.
Implement dealers—Schroeder & Becker, Thiessen Brothers, Mountain Lake Implement Company.
Jeweler—W. A. Nickel.
Lumber dealers—H. P. Goertz, Frank Balzer and Company.
Livery—George Hutgler.
Mill—Mountain Lake Roller Milling Company.
Milliners—Hiebert Sisters.
Meat markets—George P. Derkson, T. J. Eickholt.
Merchant tailor—Phil Nerstheimer.
Newspaper—Mountain Lake View and Unser Betuucher.
Physicians—Dr. P. W. Pauls, Dr. W. A. Piper.
Photograph gallery—Cornelius J. Brown.
Produce dealers—Hanford Produce Company, Worthington Produce Company.
Real estate dealers—Aug Buche Land Company, J. C. Koehn, D. A. Lahart Land Company.
Shoemaker—Henry Fiel.
Tin shop—J. V. Dueck.
Telephone—-North Star Telephone Company, Tri-State.
Veterinary—Sidney Meyers.