Cottonwood County MN History--Highwater Twp.

Highwater Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Congressional township 108, range 37 west, is styled Highwater township, and of which name further mention will be made. In this connection it may be stated that when the government surveyors came here to do their work, they found a white man named Charles Zierke, but known as "Dutch Charlie," living with an Indian woman in this township, and he is supposed to have been the first white man in the limits of the county.

Highwater township is bounded at the north by Redwood county, on the east by Germantown township, on the south by Storden township, and at its west is Ann township. Its surface is a beautiful, undulating prairie country, with frequent small prairie creeks, some of which, with the settlement of the country, have dried up. This has come to be one of the wealthy agricultural sections of Cottonwood county, and the land has long since all been taken up and well improved. The present owners are a prosperous people, who are enjoying life, as but few of the first settlers could do, on acconnt of the early-day drawbacks—prairie fires, drought, grasshoppers, etc. There are no villages or railroads within the northern tier of town ships, including Highwater. General farming and stock raising are the chief pursuits of the landowners of this portion of the county.

In 1895 the township had a. population of 569; in 1900 it had 512 and according to the 1910 United States census returns, there were 591 inhabitants in the township.


Highwater was organized by the board of county commissioners at the session of January, 1874, when township 108, range 37, was declared a civil township of Cottonwood County. The county commissioners called the first election to be held in the new township for January 24, 1874, the same to be held at the school house in district No. 3. The name was fixed as "Highwater," after the creek of the same name, which was thus called at an early day on account of its quick rising after a rain storm. This territory was detached from Amo township of former days.