Cottonwood County MN History--Germantown Twp.

Germantown Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

This is the eastern township of the three northern townships of the county, being described as township 108, range 36, west. It is bounded on the north by Redwood county, on the east by Brown county, on the south by Amboy township, Cottonwood county, and on the west by Highwater township. Its surface is somewhat cut up by numerous prairie creeks or runs, which afford splendid drainage, and at the same time make the general scenery one of rare beauty. The soil in common with other parts of this county is not lacking in the features and elements which yield abundant harvests.

The population at various periods is as follows: In 1895 it had 488; in 1900 it had 512 and in 1910 it was placed at 522 by the United States census returns.


Germantown was organized into a separate civil township in January 1874, by a petition presented by a majority of the voters in township 108, range 36. The first township meeting and election for officers was fixed at the house of August Brand on January 24, 1874.


To have been an early settler in Germantown township was to be counted among the heroic band of men and women who braved many hardships and saw the real "rough side of life," in Cottonwood county. Many of the pioneers have passed from earth. In many cases the lands they entered under pre-emption or homestead act, have long since passed into the hands of strangers. Those who came later knew not of the privations and sacrifices made by the original settlers.