Cottonwood County MN History--Delton Twp.

Delton Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Delton is composed of congressional township 107, range 35 west, hence is six miles square and contains thirty-six sections of land. It is bounded on the north by Brown county, on the east by Selma township, on the south by Carson and on the west by Amboy township. Its principal stream is the Little Cottonwood river and its many small branches, all of which are merely prairie runs or creeks, which in dry time have but little water in them, but in rainy seasons are full to overflowing.

What in an early day was but a wild prairie wilderness, without shrub or tree, has now come to be one of the finest farming sections in all this part of the state. The farmers have labored long and hard and have finally reclaimed the low, waste places and kept cultivating, annually the higher, better land land until the scene is now one of real rural beauty, and the contented owners of these lands have come to enjoy a life little dreamed of by the homesteaders of the early seventies. It is, of course, a pure farming section, with no other industry to enrich the resident, but here farming and dairying certainly pay good returns for the labor expended.

The farmers of this part of Cottonwood county are well favored by having market towns on every handóJeffers at the west, Delft at the south and Comfrey to the northeastóall being railroad points, where the products of the farm may be exchanged for the smaller necessities of the farmhouse. The population of the township in 1895 was 350; in 1900 it had reached 360, and by the census of 1910 it was placed at 371.

Delton township was organied by the county commissioners from congressional township 107, range 35 west, on September 17, 1872. The first township meeting was held at the house of J. J. Edwards, September 27, 1872. The judges of such election were appointed as follow: J. J. Edwards, Lyman Parsons, George W. Bailey, and the clerk was P. W. Oakley.