Cottonwood County MN History--Dale Twp.

Dale Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Dale is one of the central townships in the county, and comprises all of congressional township 106, range 36, hence has thirty six sections of land within its borders. It is south of Amboy township, west of Carson, north of Great Bend and east of Amo township. When first discovered there was a beautiful chain of lakes in eastern portion of this township. These were filled in their season with wild fowls and many fish abounded in their waters. With the settlement of the country, several of these lakes have been drained out and are now utilized for pasture and field purposes by the farmers who own the property. Some of the lakes are still intact and are highly prized by the citizens of the county.

The population of Dale in 1895 was 367; in 1900 it was 455 and the census reports of the United States enumeration for 1910 showed a population of 483.


Dale became a separate civil township by act of the county board in March, 1872, from township 106, range 36, west and was to be bounded as follows: "Commencing at the northeast corner of township 106, range 36, thence south to the southeast corner of said township; thence west to the southwest corner of said township; thence north to the northwest corner of said township; thence east to the northeast corner of said township and place of beginning." The first election was held at the house of George W. Purdy, Saturday, March 30, 1872; the judges were: George W. Purdy, Charles White and L. E. Mace, wiih. John A. Harvey, clerk..