Cottonwood County MN Churches- Presbyterian

Presbyterian Church in Windom


The First Presbyterian church of Windom was organized, October 15, 1871, by a committee of the Mankato presbytery, appointed for the purpose, consisting of Rev. David C. Lyon, synodical missionary of the state, and Revs. Aaron H. Kerr and Edward Savage. The eight charter members were as follow: Isaac M. Moss, Mrs. Amanda C. Moss, Mrs. Deborah Pierce, Mrs. Jenneth Smith, Mrs. DeLoss Smith; Mrs. Margaret A. Savage, Abram Frisbie and Melinda Gray.

During the early years in the history of this church all services were held in the school house. Later, the Methodist Episcopal church was used, alternating services with the Methodist people, but on Sunday, July 12, 1885, the Presbyterians dedicated their new church home, a modest frame structure, built at a cost of a little less than two thousand dollars. This building still stands on the corner of Third avenue and Eleventh street, but is altogether too small for the present congregation and Bible school. Plans are now maturing for the erection of a new, modern building on the old site. John A. Brown hauled the first stone for this church foundation and many donated material and work.

The Windom church owes a very large debt to Rev. Edward Savage for his untiring efforts during the early years of this organization. The first communion set was donated by a young lady in the East. The individual communion service now in use was given by Elder J. F. French just before his death, two years ago. The beautiful offering plates now used were donated by Mrs. John Hutton, and the sweet-toned piano, by the Orpheus Club of the church in 1915. free of debt and that sum was very quickly and easily raised. A large amount of labor was donated, but the details have not been recorded. The following is a list of the various pastors of this church: Revs. Edward Savage, Samuel W. La Grange, Herbert McHenry, Arthur M. Smith, H. P. Barnes, W. H. Stoane, J. C. Gourley, Walter H. Reynolds, C. M. Junkin, Philip A. Sivartz, Jr., G. A. Holzinger, W. J. Bell, L, F. Badger, H. F. Softly and Rev. Charles C. Brown, the present (1916) pastor.