Cottonwood County MN Churches- Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran


The Westbrook Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran church is ten miles to the northeast of the village of Westbrook and was organized by Rev. J. Chr. Jacobson in 1886. It has a present total membership of five hundred and thirteen souls. There are five church organizations, all under one pastor, as follows: Westbrook, already named; Highwater church, eight miles southwest of Lamberton, organized by Rev. J. Chr. Jacobson, with a membership of two hundred and four souls; Amo church, four miles south of Storden, with two hundred and twenty souls, organized by the minister just named; Trinity church, organized by the same minister, having a present total membership of one hundred and ninety-three souls, and Bethany church, an English Lutheran church in Westbrook town, organized by Rev. J. Lewis, who has served as pastor almost five years. The total membership of Bethany is eighty-five souls.

Each of these church organizations has a neat frame edifice of its own. The pastors who have been faithful over these five flocks are as follow: Rev. J. Chr. Jacobson, thirty years; Rev. L. Lund, three years; Rev. L. 0. Pederson, three years, and Rev. J. Lewis, about five years. By these five churches scattered over the western portion of Cottonwood county the Lutheran faith is taught and practiced among a large number of people, mostly of the Norwegian nationality. Be it said to the credit of these people, that schools and churches have ever been liberally supported by them.