Cottonwood County MN Churches- Mission Band


The Mission Band church, located at Windom, the only one in the county, was organized by Charles E. Croft, July 25, 1913, but was the outgrowth of the prayers and labors of many persons in and near Windom for many years before that date. Rev. G. L. Morgan was possibly the first one to start a full gospel here; others have been interested in the movement and for several years there has been a "full gospel" convention held annually in Windom, and at last they have a place of worship of their own.

The charter members of this society, or band, were as follow: Rev. G. L. Morgan, Mrs. Lura Morgan, Rev. Charles E. Croft, Mrs. Flora E. Kettlewell, Arthur Mead, Mrs. Sarah Croft, Mrs. Anna Croft, William J. Croft, Benjamin Molten, Mrs. O. Hammerstad, Alma Skewis, Mrs. Bertha Kettlewell, Mrs. Edna Croft, Russell Moulton, Gail Morgan, Lewis Hanson, Arthur Johnson, Mrs. Ethel Freeman. The actual membership in June, 1916, was thirty.

A building was purchased of R. H. Kettlewell in 1913. It is a frame structure, which formerly was a Methodist Episcopal church and later was used as a lodge room.

The pastors serving this society have been as follow: Revs. John W. Croft, Charles E. Croft, A. W. Mead and the present pastor, Rev. G. A. Wooden, who, in giving an account of the work here, said: "This is a full gospel movement. We stand for the verbal inspiration of the whole Bible and we preach it, live it and teach it as God gives us light upon it. We are not trying to build up a denomination, but we are trying to build up the Kingdom of Christ in the hearts of men and women."