Cottonwood County MN Churches- Mennonite


This denomination, with its various branches, is represented only among the Russians in the eastern part of the county, in and near the village of Mountain Lake.

The First Mennonite church at Mountain Lake was organized in 1878 by Henry Schultz and David Loewen. The first building was erected 1882, at a cost of fifteen hundred dollars and the present church was erected 1911 at a cost of live thousand dollars. The following have served as pastors of this church; Revs. David Loewen, John Schultz, Gerhard Neufeld, Peter Voth, Gerhard Fast, Jacob Friesen, Jacob Stoesz, A. Friesen, D. D. Harder, J. Niessen, I. J. Dick. At present the ministers are, Elder Jacob Stoesz, D. D. Harder, Revs. Dick and John Niessen.

The Mennonite Bergfelder Church, which originated in about 1886, is located north of Mountain Lake and not very far from town. The Church was rebuilt in 1913 under the pastorship of Rev. D. P. Eitzen, who is now the present pastor. There is a branch church at Delft, of which Rev. Eitzen is the pastor. The membership of the church near Mountain Lake is one hundred and seventy-five.

The Mennonite Bruderthaler church began its existence in 1888 and was organized by Aaron Wall. Among the charter members were the following i Henry Fast, Gerhard Fast, Henry Warkerten, Dieter Warkerten, John J. Dick, Peter Nickel, John Regier, Gerhard Buhler, The leaders in the church and community. Among them are, Henry Fast, Heinrick Fast, Jacob A. Wall, H. I. Dick and Aaron Wall.

The church owns about seven and one-half acres of land two and one-half, miles north of Mountain Lake, on which the church buildings are located. The first building, constructed in 1888, was twenty-six feet wide by forty-four feet long, but the church, grew so rapidly that this building was constructed at a cost of five thousand dollars. The dimensions of this building are twenty-eight feet wide and seventy feet long. The old building was then used as a school building and a home for the pupils who attend school. During the winter twenty-five to thirty pupils attend this school under the guidance and leadership of Abraham J. Becker. The present membership is about one hundred and fifty, not as large as at one date, before so many removed from the county.

Mennonite Bethel church, at Mountain Lake, was organized in the year 1889, by H. H. Reiger and about twenty-four others. The first secretary was John Janzen; the chairman, H. H. Reiger; trustees, N. F. Toews, H. Goertz, H. H. Regier, H. Schroeder, Jacob J. Balzer and John Janzen. The present membership is two hundred and seventy-three. In 1890 a frame church was erected and enlarged in 1895. The cost of the first building was sixteen hundred dollars and, as enlarged, the total cost was six thousand dollars. The following ministers have faithfully served this.congregation: Revs. H. H. Reiger, J. J. Balzer, N. F. Toews.

This church, in conjunction with four others, has a. parochial school—a German school of the union type. Three instructors are engaged and the pupils now number about one hundred. A two-year course is maintained. The school building, a frame structure, cost about four thousand dollars and the accompanying boarding hall cost about twenty-five hundred dollars. The pupils are given a chance to board at six dollars a month.