Cottonwood County MN Churches- Evangelical Lutheran

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Windom


The Evangelical Lutheran church at Jeffers began its existence on May 18, 1902. The ones who signed up for the first organization include the following: Christian Schaper, Garrett Krupher, W. Krahn, Aug. Wolter, Fred Palzin, Henry Schoper. The first meetings were held in the various homes, in the lumber yard and, in fact, almost anywhere that a gathering could be secured. The first pastor was Rev. W. L. Keller; the second, Rev. Paul Cornils, who accepted the call of the church May 23, 1904. The third and present pastor, the Rev. E. Michaelis, has served the congregation since March 1, 1914.

On the I2th of February, 1911, a meeting was called and it was agreed to build a church building. Those who signed up and shouldered the responsibility of construction were H. Schoper, J. A. Gerke, Amel Folgel, Herman Paltz, A. Gruenwald, George Krupke, R. R. Ohls, Peter Hoick and Fred Polzin. Various materials and a great amount of labor were donated by five different families and, by hard work and constant effort, the church was dedicated on the 28th of August, 1911, with a total cash expenditure of one thousand five hundred and eighty-two dollars and fifty-two cents.

The following article was taken from the Windom Reporter of December 18, 1884: "Dedication services will be held at the German Evangelical church in Germantown, commencing Friday, December 19, and on Sunday 21, in the forenoon, the church will be dedicated. The following clergymen will be present: Rev. H. Bunce, of Mankato, presiding elder; Rev. J. Smith, of St. Peter; Rev. B. Simon, of Redwood Falls; Rev. M. Gastetter, the resident pastor. A general invitation is given to the public to be present. The church building has just been completed at a cost of two thousand dollars. The building is twenty-eight by forty-eight feet and is furnished in good style."

This denomination at Windom was organized in either 1881 or 1882 and now has a membership of sixty-five families or about five hundred members, The church edifice was built in 1896 and the parsonage in 1897. The pastors have included these: Revs. Andrew O. Hagen, H. H. Holte and F. C, Norman, present pastor. Among the charter and early members may be recalled these: F. Reese, Tolef Stenerson, Gabriel Olson, Hans O. Solem, Rohertine Pederson, Ole P. Grotte, Peder P. Grotte, Ole Komprud, Gunder Pederson, Olaj Seines, Andrew J. Sandmell, Oluf Brixelien, Iver Olson and Halvor Solem.

A Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran church was formed in. Windom in 1888, Rev. K. T. Waug was pastor in 1901, when there was a membership of thirty families. It is still doing its work in an humble manner and has a small frame church building.

The German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity congregation was organized at Mountain Lake in 1898 by Rev. J. Porisch. Among the charter members were the following: John Oeltjenbraus, Herman Kremin, John Ehlere, John DeWall, John Poppe, Ed. Radtke, William Nibbe, H. Markwart, J. Kunkel, F. Keutnan, H. Diet; E. Krunin, David Meier, A. Meier, John Langeman, John Steinhauser, George FeLl, Gottfried Fell, W, Dierks, C. Roesner, George Heinitz, G. Heinitz. D. D. Heinitz, D. Heinitz, Carl Jase. William Mueller, D. D. Strinle, G. Steinle, Gottfried Schmiers, H. Ruddat, R. Feil, George Schtick, E. Bag, and Gust. Ott. The pastors and their order of serving have been as follow: Rev. J. Porisch, 1898 to 1900; Rev. A. Ziehlsdorff, 1900 to 1904; Rev. J. Porisch, 1904 to 1910; Rev. W, C. Rumsch, 1910 to the present time.

The church building was erected the same year the congregation was organized, at a cost of nine hundred and sixty-five dollars. The parochial school was started, September 6, 1914, in a school building owned by the church. The teachers were Rev. W. C. Rumsch, student Lindenmeyer, student Kohlhoff and Miss F. Winter. Between fifty and sixty scholars attend. The present membership of the church is forty.

Immanuel's Lutheran congregation, of Rose Hill township, was organized in 1880 by Rev. C. H. Schuttler and six charter members. It now has a membership of forty. A church building was erected in 1880, costing two thousand dollars, and it was rebuilt in 1907 at a cost of three thousand dollars. Children of the congregation are taught in a parochial school three days in each week alternate years, the pastor being the instructor. The following have served as pastors of this congregation: Rev. William Priggie, after the founder, Rev. Schuttler, had been in charge from 1880 to 1890; in 1893 came Rev. Ferd Selme,. who served to 1896; next came Rev. George Stamm, who served to 1902; then came Rev. Christian Heuer, serving till 1905; Rev. Jacob Dachsteiner, from 1905 to 1908, when Rev. O. J. Wolff, the present pastor, came.

Trinity Lutheran congregation, of Westbrook, was organized in 1901, by Rev. Christian Heuer, with fourteen members. The congregation now has a membership of thirty-five. A frame building was erected in 1901, costing one thousand dollars, and in 1910 a parsonage was provided costing twenty-five hundred dollars. A parochial school is conducted by the pastor Saturdays and Mondays about five months each year. This denomination has a charge and a church at a point in Rose Hill township above mentioned, cared for by the pastor of the Westbrook church. The following have served as pastors of the Westbrook congregation : Revs. Christian Heuer, 1901 to 1901; Rev. Jacob Dagchsteiner, 1905-08; Rev. F. Bergley, 1908-09; Rev. O. J. Wolf, 1909-16.