Cottonwood County MN 1890 Census-ED 58

1890 Veterans and Widows Census
Enumeration District 58
South Brook and Springfield
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Names of Surviving Soldiers, Regiment
Sailors, Marines & Widows Rank Co. or Vessel Enlisted Discharged Post Office Address Disability Incurred
Hamlin, Henry E. Private G 92 NY Inf 12/26/1863 6/16/1865 Heron Lake, Jackson Co. Prisoner at Libby & Salsbury, 4 mo.
Olsen,.Peter Private B 4 MN Inf 3/3/1864 7/19/1865 Dundee, Nobles Co. Epileptic fits  from overheating
Chapel, John B. Private D 9 MN Inf 8/17/1862 5/27/1864 Heron Lake, Jackson Co. none
Jones, Watkins H. Private E 71 MN Inf 8/26/1865 7/9/1865 Heron Lake, Jackson Co. Chronic rheumatism
Petersen, Elias N. Private H 4 MN Inf 9/27/1861 12/31/1863 Windom, Cottonwood Co. Piles
reinlisted Private H 4 MN Inf 1/1/1864 7/19/1865 Windom, Cottonwood Co.
Lloyd, Susan A., wid. of Thos. R. Private G 22 IA Inf 3/1/1864 7/1/1865 Windom, Cottonwood Co. Rheumatism and sore eyes
Day, Zaddock C. Private F 15 IA Inf. 10/23/1864 7/1/1865 Windom, Cottonwood Co. Erypsipelis and sore eyes
Reisdorph, John H. Private D 88 IL Inf 8/13/1862 7/1/1865 Windom, Cottonwood Co. Rheumatism, chronic diarrhea
Brown, Thomas Private B 5 CA Inf 10/6/1861 12/12/1864 Windom, Cottonwood Co.
Winslow, Ezra Private K 2 MO Cav 9/12/1863 3/15/1865 Windom, Cottonwood Co. Lost his left arm
Morley, Charles F. Private B 49 IL Inf 11/27/1863 9/14/1865 Heron Lake, Jackson Co. Chronic diarrhea, rheumatism
Hunt, Warren Private G 3 MN Inf 2/1/1864 9/15/1865 Windom, Cottonwood Co. Varicose veins, lungs affected
Moore, Presburry W. Private I  71 MN Inf 8/15/1864 7/9/1865 Windom, Cottonwood Co.
Lunderman, Herman H. Private G 10 MN Inf 8/19/1862 8/21/1865 Heron Lake, Jackson Co.