Cottonwood County MN 1890 Census-ED 55

1890 Veterans and Widows Census
Enumeration District 55
Amboy Twp.
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

Names of Surviving Soldiers, Regiment
Sailors, Marines & Widows Rank Co. or Vessel Enlisted Discharged Post Office Address Disability Incurred
Marcott, Ladornie wid. of David Private B Engineers 2/28/1865 2/28/1868 Red Rock, Cottonwood Co. Rheumatism
Potter, William A. Private A 32 OH Inf 10/29/1861 Red Rock, Cottonwood Co.
reinlisted 1st Lt K 180 OH Inf 10/6/1864 7/28/1865
Potter, Horace H. Private K 5 WI Vol 8/30/1864 6/30/1865 Red Rock, Cottonwood Co.
Heineman, Henry Corporal I 27 NY Vol 5/21/1861 5/21/1863 Windom, Cottonwood Co. Sunstroke
Jeffers, Albert N. Private E 43 WI Inf 8/17/1864 6/24/1865 Red Rock, Cottonwood Co. Sore eyes
Mullenix, Walter A. Mariner D 25 US Reg 3/8/1866 3/9/1869 Red Rock, Cottonwood Co. Rheumatism
Downs, George Private D 2 MO Lt Art 1/3/1864 11/20/1865 Storden, Cottonwood Co. Injured side from falling off horse