Cottonwood County MN Biographies-Soren P. Jensen
"History of Cottonwood and Watonwan Counties of Minnesota, 1916"

Soren P. Jensen, a well-known and substantial farmer of Storden township, Cottonwood county, proprietor of a fine farm in the vicinity of Storden, chairman of the board of supervisors of his home township, a director of the Farmers Elevator Company at Storden and for years looked upon as one of the leaders in that community, is a native of the kingdom of Denmark, but has been a resident of Minnesota since he was eighteen years old. He was born on September 8, 1868, son of Johann Peder and Marian (Sorenson) Jensen, natives of Denmark, farming people, who came to Minnesota about 1882 and settled in Cottonwood county. Upon his arrival here, Johann P. Jensen bought a farm in Storden township, established his home there and there spent the rest of his life, an industrious and thrifty farmer, who did much for the general upbuilding of that community. He and his wife were members of the Lutheran church and their children were reared in that faith. There were eight of these children, of whom the subject of this sketch was the second in order of birth, the others being Celia, who married Hans M. Hanson; Carolina, who married Carl Ruhlberg, and Ingerjenis, Ole, Peter, Tillapater and Tora.

When his parents came to this country, Soren P. Jensen was about sixteen years old. He had received his schooling in his native land and came with the family to Cottonwood county. He became a farmer and not long after coming here began farming on his own account. After his marriage he established his home where he is now living and quickly came to be regarded as one of the most progressive farmers in that part of the county. Mr. Jensen is an excellent farmer and as he prospered in his operations enlarged his holdings until now he is the owner of one hundred and sixty acres in section 29, of Storden township, and eighty acres in section 27, of that same township. He has a comfortable home and he and his family are very pleasantly situated. The farm is well improved and the character of the buildings and general improvements bespeak the enterprise and progressive methods of the owner. In addition to his general farming, Mr. Jensen has given considerable attention to stock raising and has done very well. He has given thoughtful attention to local political affairs and for above fifteen years has served as a member of the board of supervisors, now serving as chairman of the same. He also has served as a member of the local school board and in other ways has done his part in advancing the general interests of his community. He was one of the promoters in the organization of the Farmers Elevator Company at Storden and is a member of the board of directors of the same.

Mr. Jensen has been married twice. By his first wife, who was Inger Pederson, he has four children, Minnie, who married Walter Cowan; Myrtle, who married Clarence Miller, and Peter and Hans. Following the death of the mother of these children, Mr. Jensen married, secondly, Hannah Halverson and to this union two children have been born, Cleo and Bruce. Mr. and Mrs. Jensen are members of the Lutheran church and give proper attention to the various beneficences of the same, as well as to all local good works. Mr. Jensen is a member of the local lodge of the Modern Woodmen of America and in the affairs of that organization takes a warm interest. In his political views, he is inclined to be independent along local lines, preferring to reserve his vote for the best men on the several tickets under consideration rather than to commit himself unreservedly to the cause of one party, regardless of the possible unfitness of candidates thus indorsed.