Cottonwood County MN Biographies--Dewain Cook
Cottonwood County History, 1870 – 1970

Page 115 & 116

Emory Cook was one of the early pioneers in this community. He married Miranda Skinner and they had four sons and one daughter, namely, Dewain, Ida, Nelson, Emory and Frank. Following his service in the Civil War he moved his family West. He homesteaded in Amboy township about 1870.

Daughter Ida married Charles Tolg and they were the parents of Clarence Tolg, better known as “Uncle Fogey” of WCCO radio fame.

Emory was soon followed by his son Dewain and family. Dewain was born in Oneida County, New York, in 1851. He married Sarah Jordon in 1871, and moved to Clayton County, Iowa. In 1875 he came to Amboy township and built a sod house a little southeast of where the Jeffers depot now stands. That year grasshoppers destroyed his crop so he moved to Blue Earth County.

In 1879, he returned to Cottonwood County, this time filing homestead rights on the N1/2 of the NW1/4 of Section 4 in Dale Township which became known as the “Cook Fruit Farm”, where he remained until his death in 1924. Mrs. Cook died in 1920.

The story is told that wet years followed the dry, grasshopper years and that the land where Jeffers no stands was partially under water.

The Minnesota Horticulturist

October, 1924 “… Mr. Cook was one of the first, if not the first, to conduct a trial station under the auspices of this society. He was very successful in his work and contributed many articles to our publication relative to the success of failure of fruits and trees in the prairies of Minnesota. The first paper by Mr. Cook was on “Fruit Growing Among the Mennonites” in 1888. From that time on, seldom a year passed without something of interest from him, In fact more than 100 articles were contributed by him during the 36 years he was connected with the society. The testing of plums interested him greatly and he was always in search of something new and better.

For his faithful service he was made an Honorary Life Member in 1910…”

The Dewain Cooks had nine children, namely, Bertha, John, Vernie, George, Arthur, Ira, Mary, Howard and Robert. Mary Cook Bakker of Westbrook and Robert of Jeffers survive.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tasler bought this farm in 1961. They are the parents of six children, Daryl, Jayne, Gayle, Wayne, Faith and Jo Lynn.

Mr. Tasler was selected “The Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year” in 1966