Instructions for Submitting Biographies


Submission Guidelines 

DO NOT post materials protected by copyright! You may submit copy from books or biography collections printed prior to 1923. Any posted biographies found to be protected by a copyright of someone other than the submitter must be removed from all Minnesota and/or county Biography pages.  Books and biography collections printed prior to 1923 are not protected by copyright and are considered to be in the public domain.  Photo static re-prints or duplications of pre-1923 works are not protected by current copyright. Consider adding your own copyright notice to biographies you write. 

More about copyrights 


Please be aware that by submitting a biography to the Cass County Biographies Project you have given permission for representatives of the Cass County and/or Minnesota Biographies project to examine the file for the purpose of extracting the names of individuals for indexing.  If the name of submitter and e-mail is not in the submitted file, it will be added. If a picture is submitted with a biographer, text giving the URL for the picture will be added by the project coordinator.

Individuals being profiled should have a demonstrable connection to Cass County Mn. To submit your biography to another county, check the list of Minnesota counties on the state website.



Preparing A Biography  

This project has no formal affiliation with the National Genealogical Society, but their

Genealogical Standards provide an excellent ethical framework for all of our efforts!

Format and Content for original biographical text

The heading  should consist of the full name of the individual or head of household (if a family listing) being profiled and the related community within Cass County.  If multiple names are given in the heading, only the first one will be listed in the index.


The body of the text should provide information about the person. Hints for content include: 

  • Date and place of birth

  • Name of parents/grandparents

  • Immigration information 

  • Schooling and occupation

  • Military service information

  • Date of marriage and name of spouse

  • Church and organization memberships

  • Activities, special interests, talents

  • Name of children

  • Date, place, and cause of death

  • Burial Information

Submitter information should appear at the bottom of your submission. This "tag line" should include your name or copyright notice, and an e-mail address so that 'long lost cousins' can contact you!     Sample


Format for Biographies drawn from pre-1923 books or biographical collections

The heading should include the name of the book or collection, publisher, date and page from which the donated biography is being copied, followed by the full name of the individual and the community in Cass County with which he/she is associated. 

Transcription (retyping) of a biography from a book or collection for submission should be exact. Sample  Any changes or additions you wish to make to the original should be added at the end of the text with the heading ADDITIONAL INFORMATION so that it can be clearly differentiated from the original text. Sample

Submitter information - "Submitted by", followed by your name and e-mail address, should appear at the end of your submission.


How to Save Your Biography for Submission

Biographies may be typed as an e-mail or (preferably) sent as an e-mail attachment.  Attached documents can be created using any word processing package, but must be saved as a text (.txt) document. The following example shows how to save a document created in Word as a text document:

  More information on creating text documents

Rules for Submitting Pictures

An individual, wedding, or family black and white or color picture can be submitted as an e-mail attachment, subject to the following rules and considerations:



  • One photo only is accepted with a biography. Photos  without an accompanying biography will not be accepted.

  • Photos  should be submitted in .jpg format

  • File size should not exceed 50 kb

  • At the end of the associated biography, use the heading PICTURE AVAILABLE and include information about the picture. A "Picture" link will appear next to the entry in the biography index. The coordinator will add a link to the picture as text at the end of the submitted file. 



Not all biographies project sites accept pictures.  

If you plan to submit your biography(s) to another site, please check their submission policy first!





Submitting A Biography                            

Once you are satisfied with your biographical submission(s), e-mail them to Anne, your Cass County biographies project coordinator.  The e-mail address is [email protected] 

You will hear from Anne at least twice: 

  • You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement of your submission, usually within a day.

  • You will receive an e-mail letting you know that your biography has been posted on the website, usually within a week.

No response is required to these e-mails. Occasionally a question may arise while your biography(s) or pictures(s) are being added to the database.  Your prompt response to an e-mailed question will be much appreciated!  





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