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Note: These records are located at the Minnesota Historical Society.

This is a typed version of my handwritten notes from the index to Will Book A of Carver County, Minnesota, USA. I interpreted the various styles of handwriting as I went along and this should not be considered a very careful study of the handwriting or the spellings of the names. I am also fairly certain the the index does not contain ALL of the records within the Will Book A.


* The records themselves usually named the township that the person resided in.
* The person's middle name was frequently given in the records themselves, but not recorded in the index. (Definitely a problem for the early Germans who usually went by their middle names and not their first names.)
* Sometimes only initials were used in the index, but the full name was in the record itself. In these cases I tried to go back to the record page and find more of the full name.
* I frequently saw such alterations of names- such as Johann and Johannes in the records, but John in the index.
* Occasionally a will or probate was recorded on several pages (2 to 4 is common) with the remainder of the record being recorded in EARLIER
* No doubt I probably made a few transcription, hand writing and typing errors. I tried my best to get the information recorded accurately in the few hours I had at the library.

Carver Co., MN - Will Book Volume A (1857-1879)

 Name page

Angerhoffen, Joseph Anton 88

Atkins, Sarah M. 91

Angerhoffen, Franz 115

Aldrilt, Jos. 180


Burghartz, Joseph 415

Baster, Henry 98

Blom, Maria A. 122

Buchholz, Adel(l)e LeClair 154

Baster, Charles 167

Bandumen, Johann 184

Blackkitten, Wesley (Sr.?, squiggle that looked like Sr.) 193

Bongard, Hermann (wife Gertraud) 287

recorded 19 Jan, 1867 - this is the one that had the resume with it

Bovy, John 323, 329, 331, 395


Christenson, Halvor 102

Cale, Phillip (119) 112-114

Curran, John 320

Christman, Jacob 391


Domig, Christian 1 recorded 5 June, 1857

Dunn, Edward of Hancock 214-217 & 243


Ebringen, Jacob 198

Endres, Jas. 279, 291


Ferguson, Robt. 13 & 14

Fitch, John 33

Frank, Christian 72

Fynn, Nicholas 160

Finken, Leonard 235

Freischle, Martin 408

Goetzke, John Fred 44-45, 241

Gruen, George 67

Gnan, George 107


Heuer, Christian 42

Hammer, Fred 76

Hohn, John 143

Hämmerle, Johannes 273

Hochhausen, Leonard 360

Helton, Anton 364

Hockhause(n/r), Mary C 367


Kennedy, Robert M. 24-25, (261 Decree not in index)

Kjelberg, Swen G. 175

Koehning, Lawrence Joseph 356


Lee, John 2 & 3 (from town of Chaska, 17 Jan, 1857)

Lang, Nicholas 10-12

Lutz, Ferdindand 188


Mellgren, Swen Carlson 82

Mellom, Arne Arneson (Sr?, squiggle looks like Sr.) - recorded with....

Mellom, Oliana Arneson 224

Mulken, Peter Van - recorded with....

Van Mulken, Anna Maria (formerly Bruns) 247-249


Nickel, Charles 19-20

Noys, Luke 60

Niehaus, Franz Henry & Rosa Nuhaus 125

Nilsen, Nils taken by testament

Nilson, Nils (will) 255 & 256

Nellen, Peter 399


Peitz, Joseph 26-28


Rodock, Bernhard 49

Raymond, William 150

Ranft, Henry 375

Ru"edigen, Johan Christian Frederick 68 (appears to be an incorrect

page number), 381


Schmidt, Catharine 8 & 9

Souter, Justine 21 & 22

Stiger, Carl 30 & 31

Schepers, Henry 62 - 64

Seyfried, Cahrles 69

Schlenz, Adolph 139

Schalley, Johann Peter Mathias 134

Schalley, CAtharine Elizabeth 135

Sloan, Peter Van & Anna Katharine Van Sloan 146

Swanberg, Swan 158

Schlenz, Adolph 139

Schmidt, August 163

Stolle, Johann G. 171

Scott, Alice E. 177

Smith, George 204

Staken, John Cornelius 209

Shallbelten, Joseph 218

Schalldach, Geo. 290

Stolle, Margarettra 299

Schwishberberg, Frederick 311

Steinmetz, Napoleon 341

Stretzel, Fred 346

Schmitz, John Henry 350


Teis, Nicholas 6 & 7

Theis, John 17 & 18

Theis, Eva 40

Thompson, Peter 78

Thomas, John 270

Truwe, Benedict 314

Theis, Ferdinand 366 (will)


Vogal, John 57

Von Sloan, Peter & wife 146

Van Sloan, Wilhelmina Renier 211-213, 222

Vogel, Mary 252


Wahl, Franz Anton 23

Wiest, William 265

Wall, John 302

Wetzig, Carl Henrick 307

Walk, Magnus 385


Zinken, Johannas Taovoris Emanual (forgot to write the page# down!)



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