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Note: These records are located at the Minnesota Historical Society.

This is a typed version of my handwritten notes from the index to Will Book C of Carver County, Minnesota, USA. I interpreted the various styles of handwriting as I went along and this should not be considered a very careful study of the handwriting or the spellings of the names. I am also fairly certain the the index does not contain ALL of the records within the Will Book C.


* The records themselves usually named the township that the person resided in.
* The person's middle name was frequently given in the records themselves, but not recorded in the index. (Definitely a problem for the early Germans who usually went by their middle names and not their first names.)
* Sometimes only initials were used in the index, but the full name was in the record itself. In these cases I tried to go back to the record page and find more of the full name.
* I frequently saw such alterations of names- such as Johann and Johannes in the records, but John in the index.
* Occasionally a will or probate was recorded on several pages (2 to 4 is common) with the remainder of the record being recorded in EARLIER
* No doubt I probably made a few transcription, hand writing and typing errors. I tried my best to get the information recorded accurately in the few hours I had at the library.

Carver Co., MN - Will Book - Vol C 1891-1925 (bulk 1891-1903)

 Name page

Anderson, Samuel 141-142

Appelquist, John 280-190

Ahlin, Andrew 307-310


Boss, John 26-27

Beierstettel, Joseph J. 28-31

Barrett, Peter 49-50

Boyle, Edward 51-53

Bongaarts, Theodor 57-58

Bovy, Mathias 173-174

Bleichner, Georg 179-180

Butterfass, Peter 181-183

Buescher, Ernst 187-188

Bueche, Geroge 201-203

Bengtson, Louis 204-206

Breher, Leonhart 233-234

Buescher, Maria 251-253

Butendorf, Peter 263-264

Bahr, Ernest 272-274

Backketter, William 318-321

Brumm, John 294-297

Born, Ferdinand 332-335

Burow, August 376-377

Bade, William 412-415

Benson, Christina K. 440-441

Bauer, Joseph 464


Coughlin, Mary 275


Dosche, Leonhard 105-106

Dark, Frank 118-119

Drogosch, August 152-153

Dittmer, Christoph 154-155

Devine, Mary 324-326

Dittmer, Gustav 361-365

Deithelm, Carl 363-365

Ditsch, Casper 374-375


Elling, Jacob 11

Effert, Christian 21

Eitel, John G. 31-34

Einsele, Georg 114

Ehrmantraut, Chatharina 145-146

Eder, Gottlieb 169-170

Engman, Peter G. Sr. 330-331

Erhard, Remingius 462-463


Funk, John Sen. 73-74

Ferguson, Joseph 83-85

Faber, Georg 102-104

Frank, Fritz 133-134

Funk, Anna Maria 149-151

Frankens, Theodor 160-161

Fahrenbach, Georg 192-193

Finnegan, John M. 213-214

Fischer, Georg 217-218

Freukes, William 247-248

Faber, Elizabeth 427-429


Guettler, Georg 3-4

Goetze, Freidrick 13-15

Guggemor, Emerentia 249-250

Gley, Ida L. 348-349

Grady, Lawrence 351-352

Gardewin, Katharine 370-371

G(r/n)ade, Christian 410-411

Guenser, Martin 416-419

Geiser, John 420-422

Gestach, John 435-439


Happ, Casper 35-37

Hesse, John 47-48

Hannson, Joahnnes 75-77

Hedtke, Jacob & Henriette 120-121

Hartung, Johan Martin 122-124

Hees, John Anton 207-208

Hedtke, Albert 215-216

Hohn, John 219-220

Hanson, John 231-232

Hermann, Carl 267-269

Herron, Michael 372-373

Huben, Math(?) 430-431

Holm, Andrew E. 449-451

Herrmann, Charles 452-454


Johnson, Peter 65-66

Johnson, Andrew 265-266

Jungmann, Nicholas 359-360

Johnson, Andrew M. 469-476


Kjelberg, Swan G. 54-56

Ketscher, Michael 62-64

Kuntz, John 67-68

Klein, Mathias 78-80

Klancke, Carl 93-96

Kelm, Fred 107-108

Keuchler, Fred 111-112

Kief, Jacob 167-168

Klingler, Katharina 236-237

Kerker, Anna 288-289

Kenning, Freidericka 301-302

Kasmaker, Josephine 339-341

Koch, John 357-358

Klingelhots, Maria Anna 380-381

Kelm, William 387-388

Krause, Carl 459-461


Lano, Theodore I. 71-72

Lange, Wilhelm 86-89

Lippert, Whilhelmine 125-126

Lano, Leonard 156-157

Light, Benjamin 189-190

Leogering, Joh. Herman 227-228

Leogering, Catharine 245-246

Luthy, Freiderich 270-271

Larson, Louis 282-284

Lindenfelser, Mathias 285-286

Louis, Jacob 378-379

Lippert, Rosa 382-383

Lyman, Henry M. 398-400

Lehrke, John 432-434

Lange, August 479


Maetzold, John G. 41-42

Mueller, Phillip 99-101

Miller, John S. 163-164

Melchoir, Joseph 213-214

Meuwissen, J. Henry 221-222

Mased, John 242-244

May, Marie 277-279

Meuwissen, Henry 468


Nelson, Peter 261-262, 287

Nimmer, Heinrich 468


Olson, Lars 127-129

O'Gara, Catharine 298-300

O'Malley, Bridget 368-369


Peters, Johann 38-40

Peterson, Samuel 59-61

Peulen, Johann 69-70

Preiss, Michael 109-110

Peters, Elizabeth 138-140

Patterson, James 197-198

Peterson, Andrew 225-226

Pilgram, Henry 238-239

Platzer, Joseph 254-256

Pierson, John 342-344

Peitz, Frank 442-444


Quist, Peter M. 147-148


Rachel, Nicklas 16-18

Roth, Andreas 19-20

Riley, Ann 23-35

Riedele, Maria A. 135-137

Ressmann, Frank 143-144

Rattenstetter, Andrew 327-329

Rachel, Alexander 401-403

Rangitsch, John 425-426


Stoltz, John 1-2

Steinhayen, Heinrich 5-8

Stohl, Anders 43-44

Schran, Andreas 115-116

Sauter, Ernst 130-132

Seck, Michael 158-159

Schwable, Henry 171-172

Suelter, Louis 193-194

Siegle, Philip 199-200

Schmid, Martin 209-210

Schroeder, Elizabeth 291-293

Seiberlich, Louis 303-306

Swenson, Andrew 311-313

Schueren, Josephine 316-317

Samberg, Kaisa 322-323

Sparlund, Lars P. 345-347

Schmitz, Heinrich 355-356

Schwartz, Maria Gertrute 389-392

Schauer, Paul 407-409

Schuermer, John Michael 423-424

Stier, Friederick 455-458

Steger, Maria A. 466-467


Thoolen, Peter R. (forgot to write down the page numbers)

Tellers, Gerhard 229-230

Thoms, Dietrich 366-367

Teas, Charles O. 396-397

Telthorster, Casper H. 445-448


Vogel, August 353-354


Walter, Walburga 9

Weber, Joseph 97-99

Weinheimer, Fridrick 184-186

Wirtz, Henry 195-196

Wessbecher, Joseph 223-224

Wessel, Mathias 257-260

Wolter, Bernhard 384-386

Wechsler, John 393-395

Weibel, Joseph 477

Wessbercker, Fred 482


Zimmer, Caroline 164-165

Zanger, Susanna 176-178

Zeyer, Charles 336-338



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