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The new exhibits in the Carver County Historical Society are scheduled to open May 9, 1998. I was priviledged to have a tour of this uncompleted area recently. It was exciting to see all of the activity and construction going on there.

Future Displays

One of the Historical Society's biggest collection is of tools. They are working on an excellent display of what the tools are and their purposes. I saw a huge photograph of a blacksmith shop that will be hung on the wall. It was a very interesting photo in the fact that it had a lot of detail. There are hundreds of horse shoes hanging from the rafters and tools all over the floor.

The next room will be a collection of photographs of the Carver County area. School students were assigned to research each community of Carver. Each student group went through old pictures of the community and chose photos that interested them. Then they went out and took pictures of the same location as it is now. They researched the area and interviewed people who had lived in the community for a long time. The old photos, new photos and the student research will be a fascinating study in the communities of Carver County.

The third room will be a display of the early clothing worn by settlers. They have an unusual bright purple-blue wedding dress and many other special clothes. One display will have the complete wedding outfits worn by the bridal couple and a wedding photo of that particular couple. It will by fun to see this room when it is completed.

The last room is by far the largest. It had a victrola, hair art, and all kinds furniture in it. This will be a display of a living room and other rooms as they might have looked in Carver County about a hundred years ago. A quilt depicting aspects of Carver County history is being planned. Audree Sells of Chaska, who has facilitated four other community quilts, is helping coordinate the quilt project. Once the piecework is finished, the quilting will be done by local quilters in this gallery of the exhibits. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about quilting and perhaps even contribute a stitch or two. The finished quilt will then be displayed in the museum.

To Support the Carver County Historical Society's efforts please write to :

555 West First Street Waconia, MN 55387

or call:

(612) 442-4234

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