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1870 Census of CARVER County, MN
transcribed by Jean Spence

There are 28 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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?Hoalith, Anthony
?Hoalith, Martin
?Hoalith, Sophia
Abraham, Albert
Abraham, Augusto
Abraham, Herman
Abraham, Ida
Abraham, John
Aldrith, "Joseph, Sr."
Aldrith, Anna
Aldrith, Anna E.
Aldrith, Edwin
Aldrith, John E.
Aldrith, Samuel
Aldrith, William J.
Arnold, Andrew
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, John
Arnold, Lesseth
Arnold, Mary
Arnson, Rudolph
Ashden, James
Ashden, John
Ashden, John
Ashden, Margarita
Aspden, Henry
Aspden, Mary A.
Bardwell, Charles W.
Bardwell, Clara A.
Bardwell, Emma
Bardwell, Ethan
Bardwell, Frank E.
Bardwell, Mary E.
Bardwell, Sarah A
Bardwell, Sombs
Barthold, Anna
Barthold, Christian
Barthold, John
Barthold, Margarita
Barthold, Margarita
Barthold, Mary
Barthold, Nicholaus
Barthold, Peter
Barthold, Peter
Bauman, Adolph
Beeman, Edward P.
Beeman, Horatio L
Beeman, Louisa
Beeman, Mary
Beeren, Anna
Beeren, Boriga
Beeren, Catharina
Beeren, Christina
Beeren, Christina
Beeren, Engeline
Beeren, Jacob
Beeren, John
Beeren, Margareta
Beeren, Mary
Beeren, Nicholaus
Beeren, Susanah
Beeren, William
Bender, Carolina
Bender, Carolina
Bender, Christian
Bender, Christian
Bender, Frank
Bender, Frederick
Bender, George
Bender, Gustav
Bender, John
Bender, John
Bender, Lewis
Bender, Mary
Bender, Peter
Benneter?, Lewis
Bennitt, Baldwin
Bennitt, Hasley
Bennitt, Marian
Bennitt, Melville
Bennitt, Orvis
Bennitt, Pearce
Bennitt, Ruth
Boblie, ?
Boblie, K ?
Boblie, Kirsher
Boblie, Margarita
Boblie, Marina?
Boblie, Mary
Bohlie, Catharine
Bohlie, Catherina
Bohlie, Elisabeth
Bohlie, Frank
Bohlie, Frank
Bohlie, Franny
Bohlie, Frederick
Bohlie, Hannah
Bohlie, Henry
Bohlie, Mary
Bohlie, Michael
Bohlie, Michael
Bonjous, Alphonse
Boppe, Petie
Bost, Alphonse
Bost, Julia
Bost, Sophia
Bost, Theodore
Bost, Theresa
Brom, Berta
Brom, Dorethea
Brom, Emil
Brom, John
Brom, John
Brom, Louisa
Brom, Mary
Brom, Mathilda
Brom, Theressa
Brom, William
Brownworth, Louisa
Brownworth, Margarita
Brownworth, Michael
Buschmeier, Kasper
Cahill, John
Chamberla, Augusta
Chamberla, Elisabeth
Chamberla, Frank
Chamberla, Theressa
Chembirla?, August
Chembirla?, Joseph
Chembirla?, Magdalena
Chembirla?, Mary
Chembirla?, Victoria
Collings, William
Coon, Alwin L.
Coon, Duddley E.
Coon, Isaac J.
Coon, Maryan F.
Crigley, Lewis
Crigley, Lucy
Crigley, Richard F.
Crisjoin, Christian
Crisjoin, Christian
Crisjoin, Herman
Crisjoin, Mary
Crisjoin, Mary
Crisjoin, Thomas
Crumbell, Howard
Decker, Catherina
Decker, Christina
Decker, Mary
Decker, Peter
Decker, Peter
Decker, Theodore
Dircks, Anna F.
Dircks, Catharina
Dircks, Leonard
Dircks, Lissie
Dircks, Peter
Dircks, William
Dorach, Catharina
Dorach, Henry
Dorach, Mary
Dorach, Peter
Dorach, Wilhelm
Dreschen, Catharina
Dreschen, Hobert
Dreschen, Theresa
Dreschen, Thomas
Druge, Anna
Druge, August
Druge, Frank
Druge, Jane
Druge/Druke, Anna
Druge/Druke, Anna
Druge/Druke, Carl G.
Druge/Druke, Charles
Druge/Druke, Charles
Druge/Druke, John
Druge/Druke, Paulina
Druge/Druke, Paulina
Druge/Druke, Peter
Dumony?, Mary
Dusch, Catherina
Dusch, Charles A.
Dusch, John L.
Dusch, Leonard
Dusch, Mary
Dusch, Samuel
Dusch, William
Eitel, Albert
Eitel, Albert
Eitel, Andrial
Eitel, Catharina
Eitel, Christopher H.
Eitel, David
Eitel, Frederick
Eitel, George
Eitel, George P.
Eitel, Gothelp
Eitel, Gustaz A.
Eitel, John A.
Eitel, Mary
Eldridge, Columbus
Eldridge, Mila
Eldridge, N.N.
Eldridge, Sarah Jane
Eman, Anna
Eman, Barbara
Eman, Jeremiah
Engler, Allice
Engler, Caroline
Engler, Charlie
Engler, Diana
Engler, Hedilia ?
Engler, Henry
Engler, John
Engler, Michael
Ess, Christina
Ess, George
Ess, John
Ess, Joseph
Ess, Michael
Ess, Victoria
Faartz?, Elisabeth
Faartz?, Jacob
Faartz?, John
Faartz?, Peter
Faber, Nicholaus
Faseler, Anna
Faseler, Joseph
Fautch, Emily
Fautch, Erastus
Fautch, Frank
Fautch, Lillie
Fautch, Tony S.
Felton, Angciline?
Felton, Catharina
Felton, Christina
Felton, Elisabeth
Felton, Engeline
Felton, Frederick
Felton, Henry
Felton, John
Felton, John
Felton, Margurita
Felton, Michael
Felton, Nicholaus
Felton, Theodore
Felton, Theodore
Fendlook, Henry
Fendlook, Josephina
Fesler, Lakavina
Fesler, Martin
Fesler, Mary
Flood, Michael
Fonk, Christian
Fonk, Christian
Fonk, Daniel
Fonk, Ferdinant
Fonk, Frederick
Fonk, George
Fonk, Helena
Fonk, Henry
Fonk, John
Fonk, Martha
Fonk, William
Forely, Elisabeth
Forely, Jacob
Forely, Joseph
Forely, Leonard
Fraiberg, Emily
Fraiberg, Fredericka
Fraiberg, Lesig
Fraiberg, Luiz
Frank, Andria
Franken, Clara
Franken, John
Franken, Katie
Franken, Mary
Franken, Peter L.
Fuller, Catharina
Fuller, Orin
Fuller, Susan
Fuller, William
Geiser, Anna
Geiser, Eliza
Geiser, Frederick
Geiser, Helina?
Geiser, Ida
Geiser, John
Geiser, Mary
Geiser, Mary M.
Geiser, Samuel
Glatzil, Clara
Glatzil, Ferdinant
Glatzil, Frank
Glatzil, Joseph
Glatzil, Katie
Glatzil, Mary
Glatzil, Wilhelm
Glatzil, William
Gorsig, Anna E.
Gorsig, Catharina
Gorsig, Jacob
Granch, Elisabeth
Granch, Henry
Granch, John H.
Granch, John Henry
Grigory, Julia
Grn?, Catherina
Hamfs, "Robert, Jr."
Hamfs, Franciska?
Hamfs, Robert
Harrison, Edwin
Harrison, Eman
Harrison, Hannah
Harrison, Hannah
Harrison, Harriett
Harrison, James F.
Harrison, John
Harrison, Sarah E.
Harrison, Thomas
Harrison, William E.
Hartman, Anthony
Hartman, Eva
Hartman, Eva
Hartman, G?
Hartman, Regina
Hartman, Sebastian
Hartman, Theresa
Hellrigel, Emma
Hellrigel, John
Hellrigel, Oswald
Hellrigel, William
Henk, George
Henk, Louisa
Henk, Mary
Hermon, Hariet S.
Hoerning, Carolina
Hoerning, Caroline
Hoerning, Emelia
Hoerning, Jacob
Hoerning, Jacob
Hoerning, Louisa
Hoerning, Mina
Hoerning, Wilhelm
Holl, Caroline
Holl, Charlie
Holl, George
Holl, Magdalena
Holl, Michael
Holl, Peter
Holl, Sarah
Holl, Susanah
Holl, William
Hudemaker, Agta?
Hudemaker, Catharina
Hudemaker, Eva
Hudemaker, Lambert
Hudemaker, Leonard
Hudemaker, Mathias
Hudemaker, Theresa
Hudemaker, Wilhelm
Jagel, Carolina
Jagel, Elisabeth
Jagel, Henry
Jagel, Henry
Jagel, John
Jagel, Kasper
Jagel, Katie
James, Johannah J.
Jasper, Agnes
Jasper, Catharina
Jasper, Catharina
Jasper, John
Jasper, Leonard
Jasper, Mathias
Jasper, Peter
Jasper, Peter
Jasper, Peter John
Jasper, Renhard
Junke, Joachim
Junke, Louisa
Kailem, Anna
Kailem, Anstina?
Kailem, Frederick
Kailem, Frederick
Kailem, Gustav
Kailem, Henry
Kailem, Maria
Kailem, Mathilda
Kailem, Wilhelm
Kailem, Wilhelmina
Karvers, Anna E.
Karvers, Leonard
Karvers, Mary
Karvers, Theodore
Kerby, John
Kesler, Bernhard
Kesler, Francis
Kesler, Henry
Kesler, John
Kesler, Joseph
Kesler, Mary Ann
Kesler, Michael
Kesler, Rola
Kesler, Theresa
Kesler, Victoria
Kesler/Keller?, Barbara
Kibby, Allice I.
Kibby, Frank H.
Kibby, Henry
Kibby, Josephina M.
Kibby, Oliver L.
Kibby, Philipp G.
Kibby, Violetta P.
Kibby, Warren / Warner
Klingroot, Barthomew
Klingroot, Cornelius
Klingroot, Elizabeth
Klingroot, Herman
Klingroot, Joseph
Klingroot, Maria
Klingroot, Maria A.
Klingroot, Thomas
Klose, Catherina
Klose, Henry
Klose, John
Kocks, Catharina
Kocks, Elisabeth
Kocks, Henry
Kocks, John
Kocks, Lucia
Kocks, Maria
Kocks, Mathilda
Kocks, Maurbri?
Kontz, William
Koonsnabel, Anna
Koonsnabel, George
Kortz/Hortz, Jacob
Kortz/Hortz, Mary E.
Kramer, Anna
Kramer, John
Kramer, Joseph
Kramer, Peter
Krouse, Frederick
Krouse, Frederick
Krouse, George
Krouse, Gustav
Krouse, Henry
Krouse, Herman
Krouse, Louisa
Krouse, Louisa
Kuin, Elisabeth
Kuin, Katie
Kuin, Mary
Kuin, Nicholaus
Kuin, Wilm
Langdon, Caroline
Langdon, Hollow
Lano, "Theodore, Jr."
Lano, "Theodore, Sr"
Lano, Adolph
Lano, Albert
Lano, Berta
Lano, Ferdinand
Lano, Frank
Lano, Frederick
Lano, Henry
Lano, Joseph
Lano, Julius
Lano, Katie
Lano, Leonard
Lano, Margarita
Lano, Mary
Lano, Mary J.
Lano, Mary J.
Lano, Michael
Lano, Peter
Lano, Robert
Lano, Wilhelmina
Lano, William
Leach, Alonzo B.
Leach, C. Ella
Leach, Carter H.?
Leach, George M.
Leach, Katie M.
Leach, Roda
Leddie, Catharina
Leddie, Catharina H.
Leddie, Mary A.
Leddie, Michael
Lehnrtz, Gerhard
Lehnrtz, Jane
Lehnrtz, Nicholaus
Leibowe, Anna C.
Leibowe, John
Leibowe, John M.
Leibowe, Joseph
Levingston, James H.
Levingston, Mary A.
Lindenfeler, Mathias
Loebens, Peter
Lrbelo, Albert
Lrbelo, Amelia
Lrbelo, Herman
Lrbelo, Julius
Lrbelo, Louisa
Lutz, Anna
Lutz, Frederick
Lutz, Mathilda
Lutz, Melinda
Lutz, Mina
Lutz, Wilhelmina
Lutz, William
Lyman, Albert
Lyman, Angel P.
Lyman, Arthur
Lyman, Henry M.
Lyman, Martha P
Mainsanburg, Barbara
Mainsanburg, Engeline
Mainsanburg, Johannah
Mainsanburg, Margarita
Mainsanburg, Nicholaus
Mainsanburg, Peter
Mainsanburg, Peter
Mainsanburg, Rosalia
Masner?, Martin?
Masner?, Mayligia
Mathew?, Barbara
Mathew?, Berta
Mathew?, John
Mathew?, Kasper
Maurer, Charlie F.
Maurer, Louisa
Maurer, Rudolph
Maurer, Samuel
Maxwell, Alicia
Maxwell, Ella
Maxwell, Frank
Maxwell, James
Melchior, Gerhard
Melchior, John B.
Melchior, Joseph
Melchior, Margarita
Melchior, Margarita
Melchior, Nicholaus
Migdley, Charlie
Migdley, Loualla
Migdley, William A.
Miller, Anna
Miller, Charlie
Miller, Francis
Miller, John
Miller, Louisa
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Philiph
Miller, Philiph??
Monman, Mary
Morrison, Emma
Moss, Henry
Moss, Hobert
Moss, John
Moss, Maria S.
Moss, Martin
Moss, Mary
Moss, Mathias
Murray, Elisabeth
Murray, James
Murray, John
Murray, Lissie
Murray, Margarita
Murray, Mathilda
Muthis / Mathias, Anna M.
Muthis / Mathias, Arnold
Muthis / Mathias, Hobertina
Muthis / Mathias, John
Muthis / Mathias, Martin
Muthis / Mathias, Mary
Muthis / Mathias, Peter
Norgue, Catharina
Norgue, Gertrude
Norgue, Ida
Norgue, Michael
Norgue, Michael
Norgue, Peter
Norgue, Sophia
Nostreso, Anna E.
Nostreso, George
Nostreso, Joseph
Nostreso, Laurent
Nostreso, Susan
Noterman, Arnold
Noterman, Elisabeth
Noterman, Gertrude
Noterman, Renhard
Noterman, Theodore
Noves?, Mary H.
O'Bryan, Bridget
O'Bryan, Bridget L.
O'Bryan, Johannah
O'Bryan, John
O'Bryan, John
O'Bryan, Mary
O'Bryan, William
Paes, Anna
Paes, Elisabeth
Paes, Helena
Paes, Johan
Paes, Josephina
Paes, Mary M.
Paes, Peter
Paes, Theressa
Paes, Wilhelm
Palb, Anna M.
Palb, Elisabeth
Palb, Jeremiah
Palb, John N
Palb, Lewis
Palb, Mary M.
Paulii, Angeline
Paulii, Anna
Paulii, Catherina
Paulii, Catherina
Paulii, Catherine
Paulii, Henry
Paulii, Henry
Paulii, Hilerius
Paulii, Margarita
Paulii, Margarita
Paulii, Mary
Paulii, Mary
Paulii, Nicholaus
Paulii, Nicholaus
Paulii, Nicholaus
Pearce, Carlisle
Pearce, Elmida
Pearce, Ethan M.
Pesler, Carolina
Pesler, Christina
Pesler, Emma
Pesler, Lewis
Pesler, William
Pesler, William
Peters, Bartholome
Peters, Donnis
Peters, Donnis
Peters, Elisabeth
Peters, Eliza
Peters, James
Peters, Julia
Peters, Mary
Peters, Thomas
Peters, William
Pillsbury, William
Power, Nancy L.
Powers, Albert
Powers, Ann A.
Powers, Eddie G.
Powers, Frank M.
Powers, Fredie H.
Powers, George
Powers, George M.
Powers, Mary L.
Rademakers, Carolina
Rademakers, Christian
Rademakers, Elisabeth
Rademakers, Jacob
Rademakers, Jacob G.
Rademakers, Johan
Rademakers, Maria C.
Raghil, Margurita
Raghil, Martin
Razhel, Alexander
Razhel, Alexander
Razhel, Anna
Razhel, Anna
Razhel, Francis
Razhil, Emelia
Razhil, Emelia
Razhil, Franz
Razhil, Nicholaus
Razhil, Theressa
Reimer, Augusta
Reimer, Catharina
Reimer, Dorothea
Reimer, Frederick
Reimer, Henry
Reimer, Joachim
Reimer, Johan
Reimer, John
Reimer, Kerla
Reimer, Mary
Reimer, Mary
Rihple, Christina
Rihple, Conrad
Rihple, John
Rihple, Margarita
Rihple, Mary L.
Roeser, Barbara
Roeser, Caroline
Roeser, Catherina
Roeser, Margarita
Roeser, Martin
Roeser, Mathias
Roeser, Peter
Roeser, Peter
Rossback, John
Rossback, Nicholaus
Rossback, Rena
Rozen, Frank
Rozen, Gertrude
Rozen, Mathias
Salden, Barbara
Salden, Catharina
Salden, Hobert
Salden, Mary
Sanders, Anna
Sanders, Anna G.
Sanders, Elizabeth
Sanders, Jettia
Sanders, Kasper
Sanders, Katie
Sanders, Mary
Sanders, Tinna
Sarver, Albert
Sarver, Ella
Sarver, Emma
Sarver, Ida
Sarver, Jane
Sarver, William
Sarver, William H.
Savelkoul, ?
Savelkoul, Agnes
Savelkoul, Maria L.
Savelkoul, Michael
Schaffer, Anna
Schaffer, Catharina
Schaffer, Godtfred
Schaffer, Harry
Schaffer, Joseph
Schaffer, Lambert
Schaffer, Leonard
Schaffer, Maria P.
Schiller/Schillen, Anthony
Schiller/Schillen, Anthony
Schindler, Albertina
Schindler, Augusta
Schindler, Carolina
Schindler, Christina
Schindler, Frank
Schindler, Joseph
Schindler, Joseph
Schindler, Mary
Schindler, Paulus
Schindler, Wilhelm
Schneider, Anna
Schneider, Anthony
Schneider, Elizabeth
Schneider, Emily
Schneider, Engelbrict
Schneider, Fanny
Schneider, Frank
Schneider, Helena
Schneider, John M.
Schneider, Joseph
Schneider, Margarita
Schneider, Martin
Schneider, Mary
Schneider, Mary
Schneider, Mary
Schneider, Theresa
Schneider, Theressa
Schneider, Victor
Schomaker, Arnold
Schomaker, Henry
Schomaker, Kamika M.
Schomaker, Martin
Schomaker, Mary
Schuler, Dominick
Schuler, Josephina
Schuler, Margaret
Schuler, Maria
Schuler, Maria
Schuler, Mary
Schuler, Michael
Schuler, Michael
Schuler, Nicholaus
Schuler, Peter
Schuler, Susanah
Schuler, Theressa
Schutrup, Catharina
Schutrup, Elisabeth
Schutrup, Elisabeth
Schutrup, Mary
Schutrup, Nicholaus
Schutrup, Nicholaus
Schutrup, Wilhelm
Schwii?, Albert
Schwii?, Anna
Schwii?, August
Schwii?, Prosper?
Schwii?, Robert
Schwii?, Wilhelm
Schwii?, Wilhelm
Seamons, Caroline
Seamons, Hattie
Seivak, Drasin
Seivak, Frank
Seivak, Joseph
Seivak, Leonard
Seivak, Mary
Seivak, Mathew?
Seivak, Sophia
Shotrup, Anna
Shotrup, Anthonius
Shotrup, Balvina
Shotrup, Johan
Shotrup, Karl A.
Shotrup, Karl A. Joseph
Shotrup, Peter M.
Simms, Charles
Simms, Helena
Simms, John
Simms, William
Simons, Anna
Simons, Anthony
Simons, Gertrude
Simons, Henry
Simons, Henry
Simons, John
Simons, John
Simons, Lilia
Simons, Mathilda
Simons, Mathilda
Slater, George A.
Slater, Marella E.
Slater, Martha R.
Slater, Roberta
Sloth?, Carolina
Sloth?, Catharina
Sloth?, Elisabeth
Sloth?, John
Sloth?, John
Sloth?, Mathilda
Sloth?, Wilhelm
Sloun, Agnie
Sloun, Anna C.
Sloun, Dorethea
Sloun, Gerhard
Sloun, Leonard
Sloun, Mary
Sloun, Peter
Smidt, Frank
Smidt, Franz
Smidt, Fredericka
Smidt, Mary
Smidt, William
Smith, August
Smith, Christina
Smith, Christina
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Henry
Smith, Kasper
Smith, Margarita
Smith, Margarita
Smith, Mary
Smith, Wilhelmina
Smith, William
Speerman, Bridget
Speerman, Catherina
Speerman, Ellen
Speerman, Jenny
Speerman, Johanah
Speerman, Johanah
Speerman, John
Speerman, John
Speerman, Mary
Speerman, William
Stark, Albonia
Stark, Frank
Stark, Josephine
Stark, Louisa
Stark, Mary
Stark, Nicholaus
Stark, Thomas
Stark, William
Stevens, Amanda W.
Stevens, Betty
Stevens, Charles
Stevens, Christian J.
Stevens, Eddie A.
Stevens, John
Stone, Elisabeth
Stone, Ely
Swillens, Catherina
Swillens, Gertrud
Swillens, Gertrude
Swillens, Herman
Swillens, Johannah
Swillens, John A.
Swillens, Lambert
Swillens, Maria
Swillens, Maria
Teich, Berta
Teich, Catharina
Teich, Catharina
Teich, Ernest
Teich, Helena
Teich, Henry
Teich, Henry
Teich, Paul
Teich, Rudolph
Tessman, Adolph
Tessman, Albert
Tessman, August
Tessman, Carolina
Tessman, Emma
Tessman, Ferdinand
Tessman, Henrietta
Tessman?, Albert
Tessman?, Augusta
Tessman?, Berta
Tessman?, Henrietta
Tessman?, Wilhelmina
Trumble, Alfred G.
Trumble, Angel
Trumble, Anna
Trumble, Chancy
Trumble, Jeanine
Trumble, Joel
Trumble, Milo
Trumble, Roda A.
Tuisman, Carrie
Tuisman, Charlie
Tuisman, Clinton
Tuisman, Lewis
Tuisman, Mary E.
Tuisman, Mary E.
Tuisman, Nellie
Tuisman, Rollings
Tuisman, Russel
Tummer?, Anna
Tummer?, Anna?
Tummer?, Brenhard
Tummer?, Gertrude?
Tummer?, John
Tummer?, Nicholaus
Ulmer, Catharina
Van Sloun, Catharina
Van Sloun, Catharine
Van Sloun, Dorothea
Van Sloun, Elisabeth
Van Sloun, Gerard
Van Sloun, Peter
Van Sloun, Peter
Van Sloun, William
Vogel, Anna
Vogel, Anna
Vogel, Anthony
Vogel, August
Vogel, August
Vogel, August
Vogel, Carolina
Vogel, Eva
Vogel, Frank
Vogel, Franz
Vogel, Franz
Vogel, Hophine
Vogel, John
Vogel, John
Vogel, Joseph
Vogel, Joseph
Vogel, Josephina
Vogel, Magdalina
Vogel, Magdalina
Vogel, Mary
Vogel, Pheronica
Vogel, Sebastian
Vogel, Susanah
Vogel, Theressa
Vogel, Victoria
Waldvogel?, Franalea
Waldvogel?, Joseph
Waldvogel?, Karl
Waldvogel?, Lena
Waldvogel?, Mary A.
Walter, Catharina
Walter, Oscar
Wanzer, Charlie
Wanzer, Elilia
Wanzer, Frederick
Wanzer, John
Wanzer, John
Wanzer, Lewis
Wanzer, Louisa
Wanzer, Mary
Wanzer, Mary
Wattman, Christian
Wattman, Cresjous
Wattman, Jacob
Wattman, Jacob
Wattman, Karl
Wattman, Peter
Weller, Anna
Weller, Catherina
Weller, Catherina
Weller, John L.
Weller, Mary
Weller, Mary E.
Weller, Michael
Weller, Peter
Weller, Peter
Weller, Theresa
Weller, Willard
Welten, Margarita
Welten, Michael
Welten, Sophia
Werner, Catharina
Werner, Elisabeth
Werner, John
Werner, John
Werner, Josephina
Werner, Lewis
Werner, Pauline
Werner, Simon
Wey, Anna
Wey, Anna
Wey, Aplona?
Wey, Hobert
Wey, John
Wey, John
Wey, Katie
Wey, Mary
Wey, Theresa
Wey, Theresa
William, Charles M.
Williams, Catharina
Williams, Margarita
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mathias
Williams, Peter
Williams, Peter
Williams, William
Williams, William
Willmen, Albert
Willmen, Emma
Willmen, Joseph
Willmen, Josephina
Willmen, Margarita
Willmen, Martina
Wincon?, Catharina
Wincon?, Charlie
Wincon?, Eva
Wincon?, Jacob
Wincon?, Leon
Wincon?, Magdalena
Wincon?, Mary
Wincon?, Victoria
Wittlip, Christopher
Wombough?, Alissa
Wombough?, Ester
Wombough?, Hannah
Wombough?, John
Wombough?, Marcia
Wombough?, Samuel
Wombough?, William
Wood, Able
Wood, John
Wood, Margarita
Worm, Anna
Worm, Anthony
Worm, Berthina
Worm, Elisabeth
Worm, Elisabeth
Worm, John
Worm, John
Worm, Theodore
Worm, Theressa
Worm, Wilhelm
Zidrich, Wilhelm