1860 Census of Carver County, MN
1860 Census of Carver County, MN
transcribed by Kathy Hines

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Wagner, Anna
Wagner, Catharine
Wagner, Dominicus
Wagner, Elisabeth
Wagner, Juliana
Wagner, Julius
Wagner, Maria
Wagner, Moritz
Wagner, Philip
Wagner, Philip
Wagner, Theresia
Wakerli, Gerhard
Wakerli, Margareta
Wakru, George W.
Wakru, Walberg
Wakru, William
Walch, Adam
Walch, Adam Jr.
Walch, Elisabeth
Walck, Mathias
Walck, Regina
Wall, John
Walter, Benhard
Walter, Bernhard
Walter, Elizabeth
Walter, Emil Juluis
Walter, Eva
Walter, Frederick W.
Walter, George
Walter, Gerhard
Walter, Gertrud
Walter, Gustafus Adolphus
Walter, Herman
Walter, Jacob
Walter, Johannes
Walter, John
Walter, John
Walter, John
Walter, Josefine
Walter, Magdalena
Walter, Margareta
Walter, Margareta
Walter, Mary
Walter, Mathias
Walter, Renhard
Walter, Renhart
Walter, Ursula
Walton, Clara S.
Walton, Edmund
Walton, William
Ward, Ann
Ward, John
Ward, Martin
Ward, William
Warner, Catharine
Warner, Charles A.
Warner, Ellis K.
Warner, Frank
Warner, Jane
Warner, Willie A.
Wasserman, Maria
Wasserman, Maria
Wasserman, Mickel
Watson, Edgar A.
Watson, Emma R.
Watson, Ferlando T.
Watson, Flora
Watson, Henry C.
Watson, M. P.
Watson, Mary R.
Watson, Phebet T.
Weber, Clemens
Weber, Joseph
Weber, Josepha
Weber, Krenzencia
Weber, Lorenz
Weber, Lorenz
Weber, Mathias
Weber, Mathilda
Weber, Stephanus
Weber, Stephen
Wedstrom, Alfred O.
Wedstrom, Edward
Wedstrom, John A.
Wedstrom, Lewis
Wedstrom, Mary
Weego, Peter
Weidlich, Augustus
Weinman, Anna
Weinman, Catharine
Weinman, Catharine
Weinman, John
Weinman, John
Weinnman, Appeldina
Weinnman, Emile W.
Weinnman, Jonatta C.
Weinnman, Joseph
Weinnman, Josephina M.
Weinnman, Peter V.
Weiser, Stephanus
Welber, Alfeld R.
Welber, Mary
Welch, Hanora
Welch, William
Welch, William
Wells, Bridget
Wells, Ferdinand
Wells, James
Wells, Jane
Wells, Jane
Wells, John
Wells, Mary
Werner, Catharina
Werner, Elisabeth
Werner, Elisabeth
Werner, John
Werner, John H.
Werner, Mary Ann
Werner, Paulina
Werner, Simon
Wescle, Carl
Wescle, Catherine
Wescle, Catherine
Wescle, Frank
Wescle, Johan
Wescle, Johan
Weslo, Dorothea
Weslo, Henry
Weslo, Maria
Weslo, Maria
Wessbecher, Fransisca
Wessbecher, Frederick
Wessbecher, Joseph
Westerman, Didrich
Westerman, Doris
Westerman, Frederick
Westerman, George
Westerman, Gottlieb
Westerman, Mary
Wetter, Anna
Wetter, John
Wetter, John
Wetteraw, Anna Maria
Wetteraw, Catherine
Wetteraw, Charles
Wetteraw, George
Wetteraw, Henry
Wetteraw, Henry
Wetteraw, Mary
Wexler, Jacob
Wexler, John
Wexler, John
Wexler, Magdalena
Wexler, Mathew
Wey, Hubert
Wey, John Mathias
Wey, Nicklas
Wezig, Anton
Wezig, Aurilia
Wezig, Franklin
Wezig, Frederica
Wezig, Henry
Wezig, Julius
Wezig, Moritz
Wezig, Robert
Wezig, Theodore
White, Charles
White, Ellen
White, Eunine
White, George
White, George
White, Henry
White, Hobuth
White, Marvin
White, Mary
White, Mary Ann
Wicke, Anna
Wicke, Francisca
Wicke, George
Wicke, Hipolyt
Wicke, John
Wickenhouser, Elisabeth
Wickenhouser, Franz
Wicklow, John Augustus
Wieser, Anna
Wieser, Catharine
Wieser, Joseph
Wieser, Joseph
Wieser, Mary
Wieser, Theresa
Wilchem, Maikel
Williams, Jams
Williams, John
Williams, Sherbune
Willman, Joseph
Willman, Martin
Wilmsen, Arnold
Wilmsen, Arnold
Wilmsen, Catharine
Wilmsen, Dietrich
Wilmsen, Eliza
Wilmsen, Jacob
Wilmsen, Margareta
Wilmsen, Mathilda
Wilmsen, William
Wilson, Amanda A.
Wilson, Bertha
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Fredericka
Wilson, George A.
Wilson, John
Wilson, William
Windolph, Agnes
Windolph, Agnes
Windolph, Anton
Windolph, Bernhard
Windolph, Catherine
Windolph, Jacob
Windolph, Magarete
Windolph, Mina
Windolph, Theresa
Winkel, Anna Maria
Winkel, Anna Maria
Winkel, Catharine
Winkel, Elisabeth
Winkel, Hubert
Winkel, John
Winkel, John
Winkel, Joseph
Winkel, Maria
Winkler, Emil
Winkler, Ignotz
Winkler, Paulina
Winkler, Theresia
Winninghoff, Joseph
Winninghoff, Michael
Winninghoff, Rosa
Winninghoff, Victoria
Winter, Barbara
Winter, George
Winter, Magdalena
Winter, Martin
Winter, Peter
Witsock, Adolph
Witsock, August
Witsock, Charles
Witsock, Ferdinand
Witsock, Henry
Witsock, Theresa
Witsock, William
Witsook, Lerissa
Wittemberg, Henry
Wittemberg, Henry
Wittemberg, Mary
Wittemberg, Sophia
Wittlick, Christof
Wittlick, Henrietta
Wolf, Bernhard
Wolf, Carolina
Wolf, Ferdinand
Wolf, Gustafus
Wolf, Louis
Wolff, Anna
Wolff, Caroline Anna
Wolff, Charles Richard
Wolff, Clara Amalia
Wolff, Edin
Wolff, Edvin
Wolff, Emelia
Wolff, Engel
Wolff, Frederica
Wolff, Frederica
Wolff, Helena
Wolff, Henry
Wolff, Henry E.
Wolff, Henry Gustavus
Wolff, John William
Wolff, Julius W.
Wolff, Lewis
Wolff, Louisa
Wolff, Maria
Wolff, Martin
Wolff, Otto Ferdinand
Wolff, Paul
Wolff, Paulus
Wolff, Sara Otilia
Wolter, Eda
Wolter, Gottfried
Wolter, Magdalena
Wood, Able
Wood, Betsy
Wood, Emma Jane
Wood, James B.
Wood, John
Wood, Joseph
Wood, Margaret
Wood, Mary Ann
Wostrel, Anton
Wostrel, Anton
Wostrel, Catharine
Wostrel, John
Yeney, Albert
Yeney, Ann Stine
Yeney, Christan
Yeney, Edward
Yeney, Emelia
Yeney, Ferdinand
Young, Abigail
Young, David
Young, Henry
Young, Magdalena
Zimmerman, August
Zimmerman, Dorothea H.
Zimmerman, Gottfried
Zimmerman, Ludvig
Zimmerman, Magdalena
Zwick, Catharine
Zwick, John
Zwick, Lawrence
Zwick, Lawrenzo
Zwick, Mary

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