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Photos for Audrey Faye Gathright

John and Carrie (Curtis) Kanouse and several of their grandchildren: Lorene, Bill, & Maxine Baker; Vesta, Ray, & Irene Fletcher; Audrey Gathright; Mary Elizabeth Kanouse. I don't know for sure which is which.
Around 1936, I think

Carrie (Curtis) Kanouse, Audrey Gathright, John Kanouse, Carrie Kanouse, Rosie (Kanouse) Gathright, Glen Gathright, Hattie (Cunningham) Kanouse, Mary Kanouse, Georgia Kanouse, Bennie Kanouse
Probably early 1940s
Obtained from Wilma Gathright

Audrey Gathright
Early 1948

Audrey Gathright
1949, during her time as a nurse
Obtained from Betty Haralson

Audrey Gathright
Obtained from Betty Haralson

Rosie (Kanouse) Gathright, Elmer Gathright, Audrey (Gathright) Wilson, Don Wilson, Len Wilson, Betty (Trinaistich) Wilson
Don & Audrey's wedding; December 1951

Audrey (Gathright) and Don Wilson
Soon after their wedding; early 1952

Audrey (Gathright) and Mike Wilson

Cathy, Mike, Don, and Audrey (Gathright) Wilson
Thanksgiving 1956

Audrey (Gathright) and Cathy Wilson

Betty (Trinaistich), Len, Dorothy, Mike, Audrey (Gathright), Don, and Cathy Wilson
Casper, Wyoming; August 1958

Don and Audrey (Gathright) Wilson
December 1987

Don Wilson, Lorraine Bynon, Claire Wilson, Audrey (Gathright) Wilson

Grave Marker for Don and Audrey (Gathright) Wilson
Donald E. Wilson (1927 - 2009)
Audrey F. Wilson (1930 - 1998)
Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Albuquerque, NM

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