Notes for Annette Vance McDonald

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Notes for Annette Vance McDonald

Her middle name comes from the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for Walnut Park Farm Historic District (1999; obtained July 2017 from Missouri Department of Natural Resources web site, This is interesting; I wondered if she could have been named for Mary Ann's first cousin Annette (Wilson) Vance, but Annette was not yet married to John Vance when this Annette was born.

The 1910 census is confusing. I think Annette is listed as a widow, with name Marvin M. Davis (perhaps she went by Mrs. Marvin M. Davis?). Also strange is that Marvin Jr. is listed as a daughter. It's clear that she is listed as a widow (as Annette M. Davis) in the 1920 census.

The name on her death certificate is Annette McDonald Davis. Cause of death was coronary arteriosclerosis. Place of death was St. Joseph's Hospital.

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