Notes for Santo Dukic

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Notes for Santo Dukic

Santo Dukich is listed as a sponsor on Elizabeth Trinaistich's baptism certificate. Edith Carroll told me that he was a brother of Elizabeth and Caroline Dukić. I am guessing that he is the child listed in the Status Animarum as born on 23 Oct 1868. The name there is hard to read, but it looks something like Sanctus Ladovicus. The Genealogy Center of Kastav and Liburnia gives his name as Sanctus Ludovicus Dukich-Banicich.

Edith Carroll told me that he died in the early 1900s and was buried in Walsenburg, CO. The Genealogy Center of Kastav and Liburnia says he died on 6 Dec 1948. One of those two must be wrong (or Sanctus Ludovicus is not the same as Santo).

It looks like Santo came to the U.S. on the ship La Champagne, departing from Le Havre, France, and arriving at Ellis Island on 27 Oct 1901. A passenger named Santo Dukic is listed ( The manifest said that he was going to join "her" sister Lizabeta in Trinidad, CO. Age of 32 doesn't quite fit (if the above birth date is correct, he would have turned 33 during the voyage). Place of residence is listed as Rubesi.

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