Notes for Jeanette E. Reeves

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Notes for Jeanette E. Reeves

Middle initial E is from Reeves letters. Some are addressed to J. E. Leonard; also the introductory information for the Abiel Leonard collection at the State Historical Society of Missouri Manuscript Collection mentions that Abiel married Jeanette E. Reeves. Bob Reeves thinks it might stand for Ewin, which would make sense: named for Jennetta Ewin. Her name is spelled Jeanetta in the Parks manuscript, Jennette in the Crittenden Reeves biography.

Howard County Leader, 19 Dec 1895 (obtained from John Wanamaker):


A Venerable and Noble Woman Passes From Earth

The news of the death of Mrs. Jeanette Leonard, which reached here Saturday morning was received with profound sorrow. Her death was not unexpected however, for she had been in failing health for some months past. She was a grand, noble woman. Her funeral was preached by Rev. Pendelton Brooke of Clinton, Tuesday afternoon at St. Mary's Episcopal church, after which her remains were laid to rest in the city cemetery, there to await a glorious resurrection.

the following extended and appropriate notice of her life and death is taken from the St. Joseph Herald of Saturday.

There passed from this earth yesterday in this city one of the most noble and venerable women of Missouri, Mrs. Jeanette Leonard, of Fayette, Howard county. She died at the residence of her son-in-law, Dr. J.D. Smith, where she had been ill for some months. Mrs. Leonard was the widow of Judge Abiel Leonard, formerly of the supreme bench of Missouri, a distinguished citizen and able lawyer during his life. Mrs. Leonard was 83 years of age. She was born in Todd county, Kentucky, and was the daughter of Col. Benjamin H. Reeves. She came to Missouri with her parents in 1817. Her father served in the war of 1812 as an officer under Gen. Harrison, afterward president of the United States and grandfather of ex. President Benjamin Harrison. He was president of the territorial convention which formed the constitution under which Missouri was admitted to the union of states.

Mrs. Leonard was married in 1830 to Judge Abiel Leonard at New Franklin. Two years later they removed to Fayette, Howard county, where Judge Leonard erected a palatial home in which Mrs. Leonard has lived ever since. She was a frequent visitor to St. Joseph, and a couple of months ago was taken ill here, her illness terminating fatally yesterday. She leaves two sons, Bishop Abiel Leonard, of Utah and Nevada, and Nathaniel W. Leonard who resides at Fayette. Four daughters survive her, Mrs. Horace Everett, of Council Bluffs, Iowa; Mrs. General Odon Guitar, of Columbia, and Mrs. Dr. J. D. Smith and Mrs. Dr. C. H. Darby, of this city.

Mrs. Leonard was one of the brilliant women of Missouri. She was a great reader and profound thinker. She was an encyclopedia of history. She was intimately acquainted with all the distinguished men of the State, and in her home she entertained all the prominent people that ever visited Fayette. She was a woman of strictly commanding appearance and a brilliant conversationalist. At her great age up to the time of her last illness it was esteemed a great pleasure to be in her company and converse with her. She possessed a love for all human kind, and her manners were as free from guile as those of a child. Her whole life was spent in doing good deeds. Hundreds of people in need were the recipients of her bounty, and a great number consulted her with great profit to themselves. Here was one of the great hearts that alone understand how much glory there is in doing good, and if "the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust" her resting place will surely be a bed of perpetual flowers.

Surrounding her death bed were her three daughters, Mrs. Everett, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Darby, grandchildren and other relatives. She passed so peacefully that they-

"Thought her dying when she slept,
And sleeping when she died".

A special car furnished by General Manager W. C. Brown of the "Burlington" last night conveyed the remains of Mrs. Leonard to Fayette. They were accompanied by her grandson, Capt. Abiel Leonard Smith, of the regular army, her daughters, Mrs. Everett, Mrs Smith and Mrs. Darby.

I have seen in other places that Jeanette's and Abiel's wedding was in Fayette, MO, but the obituary above says New Franklin.

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