Notes for William Long Reeves

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Notes for William Long Reeves

Several sources list his birth place as Lincoln County, KY. Christian County seems more likely, but it is possible that Martha went to be with her mother in Lincoln County. The SpenReeve family tree has Christian County, but it also shows his middle name as Lowell; I don't know where that is from.

He was probably named for William Long, B.H. Reeves' oldest (half) brother, who died when B.H. was still young.

The SpenReeve family tree shows his death as 5 Dec 1890; it looks like the years are switched for William and Hannah. Another note -- John Wanamaker said that William and Hannah Ann were buried in Givens Cemetery near Fayette, MO, but Find A Grave (listing for William Long Reeves) calls it Patton Cemetery in Fayette, MO.

WFT 22 #1690 is rather confusing. It lists two William Long Reeves's as marrying Hannah Ann Givens (one is called William Long Reeves II). The marriage date of 1831 was given for one of them and the death date of 1886 was given for the other.

Bob Reeves says that William was an attorney in Elkton, KY. That is not correct. Perhaps confused with a different William Reeves.

Note that William Long Reeves and Hannah Ann Givens were first cousins.

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