Notes for Mary Elizabeth Reeves

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Notes for Mary Elizabeth Reeves

In a letter from Catherine (Rinker) McGrew and Leonie (Wilson) Rinker to Michael Wilson dated 16 Nov 1966, they wrote "William Adair & Mary Elizabeth Wilson were the parents of nine children, seven of whom were Catherine, Benjamin, Leonard, Annette, Adair, Byrd, Horace Everett." Mary L. was listed in the 1850 census (only 8 months old), but not listed in the 1860 census, so presumably she died young. In a letter from Mary E. (Reeves) Wilson to Jeanette (Reeves) Leonard dated 17 Mar 1848 (from the Abiel Leonard Papers), she mentioned a child named William David; he might be another child who died young, born between Leonard and Mary L. This would make nine children. However, In another letter from Mary Wilson to Jeanette Leonard, dated 12 Feb 1856 (also from the Abiel Leonard Papers), she wrote "it has pleased our kind and heavenly Father to take from me four dear little ones", so it sounds like Mary had at least 11 children, of whom 4 died young. And she may have had another one after 1856 because Mollie Turner Reid said that she had "12 children - some died young." Perhaps three of the children were stillborn and not included in Leonie's count.

In information from Ridge Park Cemetery in Marshall, MO, her cause of death is listed as "flux - old age".

1850 census
Listed as Mary E. Wilson, age 32, born in Kentucky. Living with her husband, William A. Wilson, and family.

1860 census
Listed as Mary Wilson, age 44, born in Kentucky. Living with her husband, Wm. A. Wilson, and family.

1870 census
Listed as Mary E. Willson, age 53, born in Kentucky, living with son B.H. Willson and family. Value of personal estate listed as $150.

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