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Notes for John Wood Sandidge

Middle name is from My Southern Family. Many sources just have middle initial.

My Southern Family indicates that John moved to Saline Co., MO, in 1832. If that is true, it would mean that he went back to Kentucky a couple years later to get married. And records indicate that the first two children of John and Maria were born in Kentucky, so they must not have made a permanent move to Missouri until the late 1830's.

A death notice in the Columbia, MO, Statesman listed him as Captain John Sandidge and a death notice for his wife listed her first husband as Capt. Jack Sandidge. However, I do not know if he was ever in the military or if this was just an honorary title.

"Past and Present of Saline County, Missouri", by William Barclay Napton, B.F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis, 1910, p. 392 (obtained from, in biography of M. T. Chastain:

Doctor Chastain has been married three times. His first union was with Louise Sandige, of Saline county, this state, a lady of culture and refinement, and a daughter of Capt. John Sandige, a native of Kentucky and an early and well known settler of Saline county. He was a prominent farmer and large slaveholder and died in this county prior to the Civil war. He was a Whig in politics, but never aspired to office.

His probate case file from Saline Co., MO, says that he died intestate, and lists the following as his heirs: Maria L. Sandidge His widow, Micajah C. Sandidge, Maria L. Sandidge, Rebecca E. Sandidge, Presley S. Sandidge, John S. Sandidge, Mary Sandidge, Joshua B. Sandidge, William Sandidge, Henrietta Sandidge -- all residing in Saline County Missouri (dated 2 Jul 1857 and signed by Maria L. Sandidge). There is a note later on in the file (actually, a receipt for a gravestone) that says that Nettie (Henrietta) died 11 Oct 1860. I believe that Josephine must have died previous to this since she is not listed. The estate inventory is listed as $9036.50 personal and $11,770 real.

1840 census
Images 39 and 40 on (Anow Rock [Arrow Rock?] Twp., Saline Co., MO)
Listed as John W Sandridge, Arrow Rock Twp., Saline Co., MO. Household consisted of 3 males (20-30, 5-10, under 5) and 2 females (20-30 and under 5). Presumably the two under-5-year-olds are Micajah and Josephine. Don't know who the 5-10-year-old is. No slaves are shown. The numbers don't add up very well, though. Even though 5 family members are indicated in the age bins, the "Total" is only 2. In the employment section, it is indicated that 1 person (presumably John) is employed in manufacture and trade.

1850 census
Image 60 on (Saline Co., MO)
Listed as Jno. W. Sandridge. Value of real estate listed as $2500. Household consisted of John, Mariah, Micajah, Josephine, Mariah L., Rebecca, Presly, John S., and Mary Sandridge. Also listed as having 11 slaves ( Image 12, Slave Schedules, Saline Co., MO).

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