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Notes for Leonard Wilson

"History of Saline County, Missouri", Missouri Historical Co., St. Louis, 1881, p. 754:

LEONARD WILSON, postmaster, P. O., Marshall. Mr. Wilson is a native of this state, also of this county, and was born in Marshall on the 13th of January, 1846. At the age of fifteen he commenced clerking in the store of Q. O. Striker, in Marshall, and from 1862 to 1864 he was deputy postmaster of Marshall. In 1865 he was deputy circuit clerk. In 1870 he was engaged in the grocery business in Marshall, which he continued to 1873, when he was appointed by President Grant, postmaster of Marshall, re-appointed in 1877 by President Hayes, and in 1881 by President Garfield. In 1864 he served in Capt. Bingham's company E. M. M. [enrolled Missouri militia -- Union], and was taken prisoner at Glasgow, which ended his military service. On the 6th of October, 1868, he was married to Miss Mary Sandidge, daughter of John Sandidge, of Saline county, and has had three children, only one, Leonie, living.

In 1870, Leonard ran to succeed his brother Ben as circuit clerk, but he was defeated in the election ("History of Saline County", p. 365).

From Find A Grave (listing for Leonard W. Wilson):

From a 1905 Nance County, Nebraska, newspaper clipping file, transcribed by Linda Berney:

Brother of Prominent Denver Jurist Dead -
The following notice of the death of Leonard Wilson is taken from the Denver Post. Deceased was well known to many of our readers, having been in business here with his brother H. E. Wilson a number of years:

Leonard Wilson of 1641 Franklin street, brother of Adair Wilson, formerly of the court of appeals, died yesterday afternoon of a complication of kidney and heart troubles.

He came to Denver from Marshall, Mo., in 1884, and for the past seven years had been a clerk in the Western Union Telegraph office. He is survived by his widow,; a daughter, Mrs. J. E. Rinker of Cripple Creek, a son, A. G. [sic - should be H. E.] Wilson, employed at the Denver Union depot and two brothers besides Judge Wilson.

[The middle initial of W in the Find A Grave listing is questionable. No record is known with this (or any other) middle initial.]

It is likely that Leonard was named for his uncle, Abiel Leonard. It is even possible that his full name was Abiel Leonard Wilson, but I have never seen that anywhere. Both of the children of Leonard and Mary Wilson were born in Marshall, Missouri; Leonie in 1873 and Horace in 1882. According to the McGrew letter, they moved to Colorado in 1884, Denver in 1885. From the short obituary above, he lived for a time in Nance Co., NE; perhaps that was between Missouri and Colorado. Brother Horace apparently stayed there longer; he was married in Nance County in 1886. Alternatively, perhaps Leonard did business in Nance County when he was in the grocery business in the 1870s, but never lived there.

The web site of the Missouri Secretary of State has old military service cards online at The one for Leonard Wilson partially agrees with the information in the short biography above (it mentions Capt. Bingham and E. M. M.), but it seems to indicate that he did not serve because of disability. I don’t know what that’s about.

The name on his death certificate is Leonard Wilson. Can't read cause of death. Died at home (1641 Franklin).

1850 census
Listed as Leonard Wilson, age 4, born in Missouri. Living with his parents.

1860 census
Listed as Leonard Wilson, age 14, born in Missouri. Living with his parents.

1870 census
Image 3 on (Marshall Twp., Saline Co., MO)
Listed as Leonard Wilson, age 24, born in Missouri. Occupation, clerk of court. Value of real estate listed as $4000 [? -- hard to read], value of personal estate listed as $300. Household consisted of Leonard, Mary W., and William Wilson.

1880 census
Image 18 on (District 67, Marshall, Saline Co., MO)
Microfilm: roll 716; Vol. 30, Sheet 18, E.D. 67, Saline Co., MO
Listed as Leonard Wilson, age 34. Born in Missouri, father born in Virginia, mother born in Kentucky. Occupation, postmaster. Household consisted of Leonard, Mary, and Lennie [Leonie] Wilson; and Minnie Sandidge, listed as a niece [I believe her to be the daughter of Mary's brother, Micajah C. Sandidge].

1900 census
Image 9 on (District 64, Denver, Arapahoe Co., CO)
Microfilm: T623 roll 118; Vol. 2, Sheet 3, E.D. 64, Arapahoe Co., CO
Listed as Leonard Wilson. Address 1641 Franklin St. Renting home. Age 54, born in January 1846, 30 years in present marriage. Born in Missouri, father born in Virginia, mother born in Kentucky. Occupation, bill clerk. Household consisted of Leonard, Mary W., and Horace E. Wilson; Leonie Leighton [Leonard's widowed daughter]; Benjamin Wilson [Leonard's brother]; Harry B. Wilson [Benjamin's son]; and two boarders, Margaret H. Beatty and Verne L. Capron.

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