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Notes for Horace Everett Wilson

Horace Everett Wilson was presumably named for his uncle of the same name; he seems to have gone mostly by Everett in his younger years and Harry when he was older. He was born in Marshall, MO, in 1882, but grew up in Denver, CO, where his family moved when he was still very young. He married Rose Lino in 1903 and they had one child (Leonard) in 1904, before divorcing in 1907. I know little of the following years, but he apparently moved to the Northwest, where he married Jennie Nyman in Coeur d'Alene, ID, in 1909. They had known each other in Denver, but I don't know the details of how they got back together and married. Harry and Jennie later moved to California, but their first two children (Leonie and Nyman) were born in Washington in 1916 and 1918. They were in Los Angeles for the 1920 census, and the twins (Clarence and Harry Jr.) were born in Santa Monica in 1922. Harry and Jennie eventually moved to Riverside, CA, and spent the rest of their lives there, though Harry was away from home a lot in his job as an electrician for the power company. He died in 1943 at the age of 60.

There is a World War I draft registration card for him on (listed as Everett Wilson). It gives a physical description: medium height, slender build, blue eyes, brown hair. It is dated 12 Sep 1918, only a couple of months before the end of the war, so I don't know if he actually served or for how long if so. He and Jennie had one child and another on the way at that time. They were living in Seattle, WA, and his occupation is listed as drayage, which I suppose means he was a truck driver (or maybe they were still using horse carts).

A newspaper clipping from the Riverside Press sent by Leonie Rinker (Horace’s older sister) to Leonard Wilson (Horace’s son) after Horace’s death reads as follows:

WILSON—In Riverside, Calif., May 11, 1943, Harry E. Wilson, aged 60 years. Late resident of 3199 Chestnut street, Riverside, Calif. Beloved husband of Mrs. Jennie M. Wilson of Riverside, Calif. Loved father of Clarence R. Wilson of Riverside, Mrs. Leonie Trickey of Maywood, Calif., Harry E. Wilson, Jr., of the U.S. Army and Nyman A. Wilson of San Diego, U.S. Navy, and Leonard Everett Wilson of Denver, Colorado. Also survived by three grandchildren, Patricia Marie Trickey, Lawrence Robert Wilson and Clarence Ralph Wilson. Funeral services will be conducted in the E. H. Preston Funeral Home chapel Friday, May 14th at 2:30 o’clock. Interment in Olivewood cem [rest cut off]

A letter from Leonie Trickey (Horace’s daughter) to Leonard and Betty Wilson after Horace’s death said that “He just coughed and fell off his work bench dead. Mother said he had been feeling better than he has for a long time, and Tuesday morning when he went to work he was feeling good, and by 4:30 he was gone. They say he even sat with the fellows and ate his lunch, but Leonard, he really looked terrible: just skin over his bones.” In agreement with his death certificate, Margaret Henry (Horace’s granddaughter) told me that he was working at Food Machinery (a company). She said that her father Clarence was also working there at the time.

The name on his death certificate is Harry E. Wilson. Cause of death is listed as pulmonary hemorrhage due to pulmonary tuberculosis. He died en route to Community Hospital in Riverside, Riverside County, CA. The death certificate says he had been in Riverside 20 years and in California 25 years before his death. His occupation is listed as electrician for Food Machinery.

1900 census
Listed as Horace E. Wilson. Age 17, born in August 1882. Born in Missouri, both parents born in Missouri. Attended school (9 months). Living with his parents.

1910 census
Image 14 on (District 0133, Elk Twp., Spokane Co., WA)
Listed as Evertt Wilson. Renting a home with three other men. Age 28, born in Missouri, both parents born in Missouri. Single. Occupation, laborer in a saw mill.
This is a good candidate for him, but I can't be certain since he's not with a family so there are no other names to check for consistency. He was married to Jennie by this time, but maybe they were living apart for some reason. Note that Elk Twp. and Spokane are only about 30 miles from Coeur D'Alene, ID, where they were married in 1909.

1920 census
Image 7 on (District 190, Los Angeles Assembly District 63, Los Angeles Co., CA)
Listed as Everett Wilson. Renting home. Age 37, born in Missouri, both parents born in United States. Occupation, electrician. Household consisted of Everett, Jennie M., Leonie E., and Nyman A. Wilson.

1930 census
Image 25 on (District 56, Riverside, Riverside Co., CA)
Listed as Harry E. Wilson. Address, 3882 Tallonay (?) St. Renting home, $85 per month. They had a radio set. Age 47, age 24 at first marriage [this isn't right]. Born in Missouri, both parents born in United States. Occupation, electrician for the power company. Household consisted of Harry E., Jennie M., Leonie, Nyman, Harry E. [Jr.], and Clarence Wilson.

1940 census
Image 10 on (Districts 33-50, Riverside, Riverside Co., CA)
Listed as Harry E. Wilson, age 56, born in Missouri. Address, 4044 Lennard (?) Pl. Renting home, $25 per month. Completed four years of college (?). Lived in Arlington, Riverside Co., CA, in 1935. Occupation, electrician for electric-power company. Worked 52 weeks in 1939. Income in 1939, $1508 (?). Household consisted of Harry E., Jennie M., Nyman A., Harry E. Jr., and Clarence R. Wilson.

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