Notes for Dorothy Elizabeth Wilson

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Notes for Dorothy Elizabeth Wilson

After Dorothy graduated from high school, she went to a nursing school in Denver, CO, for a time but did not complete it. Then, she worked on Sandia Base in Albuquerque for a while, but developed problems and got a disability retirement from the Civil Service. Afterward, she did typist work part-time for Walker Radio Company for many years.

She was never married and had no children. She lived with her parents her whole life.

She died following a series of strokes. She had fairly severe health problems for a long time. She suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, and had to take insulin for diabetes from her late 20s or early 30s.

1940 census
Listed as Dorothy Wilson, age 9, born in Colorado. Lived in Clovis, NM, in 1935. Had completed three years of school. Living with her parents.

Headstone of her grave says Dorothy E. Wilson, 1930 - 1999.

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