Since we can't trace our ancestry back to Adam and Eve, the alternative is to search out the roots and branches of our family trees.

The My Family History site has photos and a brief history of my direct family line.

Browse through the Surnames Index for a list of at least 482 Individuals, 153 Families and 146 Surnames. Some primary surnames are: Baldwin, DeReche, DePeau, Frach, Hoegner, Jackson, Mallory, Nalewaja, Newham, Welker, Weisner-Wiesner and Wisher. Countries are America, Germany, Poland and Canada.

The Family Treemaker Homepage has descendant reports for the DeReche, Hoegner, Frach, Newham and Welker families.

Perhaps we are connected through roots, branches and leaves. After all, we are here because it all started ' the beginning'.


Here are some of my favorite websites:

My Family History (http://
Family Treemaker Homepage (
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