Cemetery Tidibits

This page has cemetery tidbits contributed by others.
We will give them a permanent home in
their respective cemeteries when more transcriptions are done. Mary Jean

The following was donated by Bob Green

The Roman Catholic cemetery in Apalacon, connected with St. Thomas the Apostle Church,
but not located next to the church
Andrew McVinnia
(top of stone says 'Father')
1832 - 1907

(There's a family story related to the above stone, that it was originally 
used for someone in the Harding plot--a related family--but was discarded, 
so the McVinnia family, with permission, reused the stone.  Presumably, 
there is an additional name on it underground 
upside down!)
Thomas McVinnie   (on the same stone) 
1832 -1905  
Margaret his wife   (on the same stone)   
Dennis J. McVinnie
(on a small stone near that for Thomas McVinnie)  Owen
(in the same plot)        Jerome McVinnie
                                    died July 2, 1952
                                    born Mch 14, 1900
(in a separate plot:)
Ella Agnes McVinnie
 1877 - 1953
(in a separate plot:)
Thomas Cunningham      
Died 1908                                                
(on same stone)  Catherine 
Died 1916
(in a separate plot:)
Cunningham (large stone with nothing else on it, but the following small 
stones just beyond it:)
Dr. M. G. Cunningham
1856 - 1901
Ellen T. Cunningham
1849 - 1918
Bridget J. Cunningham
1842 - 1928
Mary A. Cunningham
1845 - 1920
(in a separate plot:)
Patrick J. Harding        
Born June 16, 1835                                                                                
Died March 26, 1898                                                                                
(on the same stone, and on the face of the stone) 
His Wife    
Catherine M. Cunningham
1847 - 1930
(on the same stone, but on the left side of it) 
 Jane Harding      (on the same side)  
 Born June 13, 1813 
 Died March 31, 1831                                                                                                               
 Katie Harding  
Born Oct. 18, 1859 (?1889)  
Died  Nov. 19, 1889

(on the same stone, but on the right side of it) 
John F. Harding 
Born Dec. 2, 1868  
Died May 16 (?11), 1884                                                     
(on the same side)  
Michael A. Harding
Born Apr. 18, 1869
Died March 15, 1890                                                                  
(beyond this large stone are small stones that say:  
Katie, Father, Mother, John, Michael)
Note that the questionable dates above are because of my handwriting.  
I think the stones are legible. 
I have a note also on one stone in a cemetery in Friendsville, across from the Roman Catholic church there:
Michael Cunningham Died Sept. 6, 1876 Aged 86 years Native of County Roscommon Ireland
Newman (or Neuman) Cemetery on highway 17 east of Great Bend.
The stone is an obelisk: The front reads: Frankie Son of Asa and Arminia Green Died Feb. 21, 1860 Aged 14 yrs, 6 mos and 26 days Suffer the little children to come unto me The back reads: Arminia Wife of Asa Green Died may 12 (?17) 1870 Aged 46 years and 1 (?) mo. [an illegible motto]


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