St. Thomas the Apostle Cemetery

Reading done: 7/29/00 by Robert Green ([email protected])

Location: Leaving Little Meadows on highway 858 gong south-east toward Friendsville.
The cemetery is at the Intesection of highway 858 and Bowbridge (T-773)
Please note that I don't live in Susquehanna County and will not get back to this cemetery for a year or more. Because of limited time, I recorded only the surnames. At this time, I have no other information on any of these names in the list other than Cunningham, Green, McVinnie, McVinnia, and Harding. A few stones so overgrown with grass that they are not included in this list. None of the stones indicate where the person was born. A number of the surnames are repeated on several stones.

Bergin Boland Brawley Buchheit Butler	
Carey Carroll Clarey Collins Comstock Conboy  Connell Craig Crimmins Crimmons 
Cummings Cunningham
Darrow Degan Dempsey Donnelly Downs	
Fitzgerald Fitzmartin Fitzpatrick Foster Fowler Fuller	
Gana Gaynor Geraldine (may be a given name)	
Gleason Goff Green Grogan Guifoyle	
Halpin Hamlin Hanagan Hand Hanley Harding Harmon Harrigan Hartigan Hastings Havick 
Hawley  Hercek  Hickey Hogan Holland Hooker Horrigan Hutchinson 
Jacobs Jester	
Kellam Kiley Kosalek	
Leonard Lynch	
Martin McCormick McLaughlin McManus McVinnia McVinnie Middendorf Murphy 
O'Connell O'Neill	
Perry Purtell
Reardon Ring Rooney	
Sanderson Shanly Shaughnessy Shea Sivers Sloane Sosenko Stetson Sullivan	

Cemeteries of Susquehanna County

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