Single Headstones

 Route 92,  going  North to Lenox Corners ,  Susquehanna Co., Pa
This is a single stone set just off the road with a small rail around it.
Conrad William 1753-1837 Eve Kocherberger His Wife 1762-1830 back Settled in Brooklyn Twp. 1787. Parents of John Kate [first white girl born in Susquehanna Co.] Polly, George, William, Andrew, Jacob.

Two graves in a pasture just up and across the road from the South Auburn Cemetery. A few years ago, a local Boy Scout cleaned up the site as an Eagle Scout project and erected a fence made of steel pipe around it to keep cows out. The graves are:

Edward Dawson Sarah DIED Wife of Sept. 25, 1878 Edward Dawson Aged 86 years & Died April 3, 1867 1 month. aged 70 yrs, 3 mos "Prepare to meet the Lord & 1 day and follow me." Remember friends as you pass by, As you are now so once was I. As I am now so you must be. Prepare for death and follow me.

found on the road between Meshoppen and Lawton, rt 267 South. Abraham Lott Died Dec. 27,1846 Aged 63 years 3 Months & [reset in concrete here, can't read anymore]

At the end of Yonker Hill Road near West Auburn is the grave of two children. Somebody does keep the site mowed. PHOTO by Allison On the front of the stone: Libbie A. and George W. children of Samuel & Betsey R. BURNETT The part of the epitaph that I could read says: little children to come unto me. On the back of the stone: Libbie A. Died April 16, 1876 Aged 9 ys, 8 mo, & 19 ds. George W. Died April 15, 1876 Aged 7 ys, 3 mo, & 20 ds.

In Jessup Township:  On SR 3027 (just off Rt 706 between Fairdale and Rush) and
going about 1/10 a mile or so is a single tombstone on the right hand side that
stands against a telephone pole.  It reads as follows:

William R.
d. June (?), 1835 aged 5 years and (?) mos.

d. July 1(?), 1833 aged 11 mos and ? das

Infant daughters
D. Dec 18(3?)
    Jan. 18 (21)

Children of Russel and Lucy Very
per Sue Petty

This page will have Headstones that were not found in a cemetery, but rather in a field or beside the road.

Contributors: Deb Gabriel, Charles Woodruff, Allison, Sue Petty


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