Sanderson Cemetery

* The following individuals are buried in the Sanderson Cemetery in Jackson Valley, Middletown Twp, Susquehanna County, Pa. The Cemetery is privatley owned by James Conboy
(contributed by James Conboy)

  • 1. Peter Sanderson.
    Born Circa 28 Mar 1785 in Scotland.
    Died 11 Jul 1863 in Jackson Valley.
    Buried in Sanderson Family Cemetery. Occupation Weaver And Farmer.
    Religion Protestent. He married Ruth.

  • 2. Ruth.
    Born Circa 1782 in New Hampshire.
    Died 11 Nov 1838.

    3. James W. Sanderson.
    (son of Peter and Ruth).
    Born 28 Sep 1819 in Choconut, N. H. Or Jackson Valley, Pennsylvania.
    Died 17 Apr 1881.
    Occupation Farmer. Religion Protestant, Probably Presbyterian.
    He married Eliza Leehan,
    she is buried in the St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Friendsville, Pa.

  • It is believed there maybe one or two others but no markers exist for them.

    Cemeteries of Susquehanna Co., Pa

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