Soldiers Orphans Buried
in the Harford Cemetery

These are the orphans of the Soldiers Orphan School. They are all buried in a small row in the Harford Cemetery. This cemetery is on rte 547 near the junction of Main and Creek Rd., Harford, Susquehanna Co., Pa.

Soldiers Orphan is inscribed on the top of each stone:


William McCellan Wills-Born Apr. 19, 1863-Died Nov 3, 1878
Ephraim L. Cornell-Born Sept 1, 1869-Died Apr. 14, 1882
Edwin Cole-Born Nov. 15, 1874-Died Mar 19, 1883


Serinda Hebrigle-Born May 25, 1861-Died Apr. 15, 1875
William Deuel-Born Sept. 12, 1861-Died Nov 3, 1874
Morgan C. Bidwell-Born Oct. 2, 1857-Died Feb. 28, 1871


Steward Palmer-Born Mar. 1, 1862-Died Dec. 24, 1877
Edgar Van Houton-Born June 27, 1863-Died Aug 19, 1878

These stones were witnessed and copied on March 29th, 1998 by mjw

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