Lathrop Cemetery

also called Elk Lake Cemetery

*courtesy of Kenneth Smith

Cemetery at Elk Lake, Dimock Twp. Susq. Co.
Located 1/4 mile west of the blinker light at Elk Lake, situated at the
outlet of  big Elk Lake (there is an adjacent lake known as 'Little Elk

  • James E.
    s/o C.I. & S.E. Lathrop Died 4/18/1872 age 2Y 11M 25D
  • Elmira,
    w/o J.A. Lathrop
  • Lathrop, James A. 1845-1903
  • Lathrop, Charles E. 1847-1933 Sarah E. h/w 1852-1922
  • Emeline,
    w/o Walter Lathrop
  • Fargo James L. 9/28/1815 Caroline h/w 1821
  • Amy
  • Estes, Uriah died 2/8/1857 age 80y 6m 5d
  • Smith, Thomas A. died 11/26/1851 age 65y
  • Parmetor, Samuel died 3/14/1851 age 69y
  • Lathrop, George L.
  • Eddy, Charles died 7/20/1851 age 28y Abigail w/o C.E. died 9/28/1865 age 78y 3m 19d
  • Polly,
    w/o Walter Lathrop died 8/16/1879 age 83y 8m 8d
  • Lathrop, Walter died 1/19 1839 age 50
  • Here lies the remains of SUKEY LATHROP who died 11/10/1821 in the 57th year of her age
  • Lathrop, Asa born 2/2/1756 died 9/2/1827 Alice h/w
  • James W.
    s/o David & Eunice Rogers born 7/31/1848 died 5/26/1888
  • Eunice C.,
    w/o David G. Rogers died 3/11/1852 age 32y
  • A single stone about 6 feet across, about 4 feet high as follows:... Died Sept 1838 of a distressing illness in the course of 3 weeks 5 children of James & Clarrissa Fuller Theodore Jonas Julian Nelson Andrew a. 7y a. 11y a. 4y a. 9y a. 1y

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