Chronological History of Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., MI
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Chronological history of Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., MI.

A special 'thank you' to Paulette Quartermain (now deceased) who donated this record in Nov 2000.

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First Settlers of Ypsilanti.

1809 - Gabriel Godfroy, Francois Pepin and Romaine La Chambre build Godfroy's 
       on the Pottawatomie Trail trading post.
April 1823 - Benjamin Woodruff b. Morristown, NJ , school teacher 1st Postmaster, 
                  Justice of the Peace and Sheriff moved from Sandusky, OH
                  Oronte Grant
                  William Eiclor
                  Hiram Tuttle    
June 1823 - David Stiles of Monroe
                  Willard Hall
                  George Hall (brothers) all from Monroe
                  Captain Fair
July 1823 - Mrs Woodruff along with 6 children and a domestic Mrs. Snow
July - October 1823 - Daniel Cross, David Beverly, S. Noyce, Robert M. Sitts, John Thayer, 
J. Brainard, Sanders Beverly, Titus Bonson and  Joseph and Sophia Peck.
October 1823 - John and Mrs. Bryan (Mr. Bryan 2nd Postmaster)
Feb. 1824 - Alpha Washtenaw Bryan (son of John and Mrs. Bryan) b. 2-24-1824, 
                 1st white person born in Washtenaw
                  Maria Stitt b. 2-24-1824  (dau. of Capt. and Mrs. Stitt ) 
                 2nd white person born in Washtenaw
                  Eldredge Gee
Spring of 1824 - Mrs Oronte Grant, Elona Rogers (orphan) later Mrs. Alvin Cross
                 Jane Johnson, Mrs Hiram Tuttle and child
May 1824 - Jason Cross, Avery ? (brother in law of John), W. N. Harwood, Thomas 
                 Sackrider, David McCord, Phillip Sines
July 1824 - Judge Robert Fleming, Arden H. Ballard, Orange Crane, Leonard Miller, 
                 J. Mahen, H. Mallett, J. Stoddard, Ms. Mallett, and Ms. Eiclor
August 1824 - Walter Oakman of Ireland d. 8- 1824 of Malaria, first person to die in  
              Washtenaw Co. buried at Highland Cemetery
              John Phillips, Mr. Lambie f/o John Lambie

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