Michigan Schools

Shiawassee County

Township/City/Village School Name
SHIAWASSEE . Byerly 35 0 . See McCall School.
SHIAWASSEE . McCall 35 0 . Original school replaced in 1945 by a 2-room brick schoolhouse. District was annexed to Owosso in 1960. building purchased by Shiawassee Intermediate School District in 1974. Also known as Byerly School.
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Arnold 9 4 NW corner of Britton and Scribner Rds. Original log structure built in 1887. Replaced by Baldwin school.
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Baldwin 15 4 SE corner of Britton and Scribner Roads Replaced Arnold School. Closed in 1958.
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Beard 19 6 . Blown down in cyclone in 1943. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Elm Grove 1 1 NW corner of Geeck, Cole & Grand River Rds. Intersection Calendars. Annexed to Durand in 1962. See Knaggs Bridge School.
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Fuller 35 7 South side of Lovejoy Rd. about 3/4 mi. west of township line Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Gallagher 0 4 NW corner of S. State & Lovejoy Rds. Contact: Lila Han, 224 Curwood Castle Dr., Owosso, MI
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Hearse 23 2 Bancroft Rd. Lila Han Calendars - Shiawassee county Hist. Soc.
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Morgan 0 1 Beard Road Originally built in 1840. Replaced by brick building in 1898. Brick structure destroyed by cyclone in 1943. Annexed to Morrice School in 1956. Also known as Near School.
SHIAWASSEE Antrim Township Near 0 1 Beard Road See Morgan School.
SHIAWASSEE Bennington Township Bennington 3 1 SW corner of M-52 and Bennington Rds. School purchased by Spring Vale Academy.
SHIAWASSEE Bennington Township Bennington 0 6 . Lila Han - calender - 1994
SHIAWASSEE Bennington Township Gale 25 3 . Built by 1848; consolidated with Morrice School in 1920. School building later purchased and moved to farm of C. J. Thomas where it later burned.
SHIAWASSEE Bennington Township German 17 5 SE corner of Garrison & Friegel Rds. Calendars; Teacher in 1908 - Frank Colister
SHIAWASSEE Bennington Township Morton 0 2 Friegel Rd. & Grand River Trail Lila Han Calendars 1990
SHIAWASSEE Bennington Township Pittsburg 28 4 SW corner of M-52 & Grand Rivers Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Burns Township . 17 7 NW pt. Of SE 1/4 of section, just n. of cemetery Lila Han - calendar
SHIAWASSEE Burns Township Barnum 0 8 Braden & Byron Roads Lila Han
SHIAWASSEE Burns Township Byron 0 3 . Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Burns Township Cole 10 0 SW corner of Durand Rd. and Cole Rd. May have closed before 1962
SHIAWASSEE Burns Township Knaggs Bridge 6 1 West of Knaggs Bridge, south side of road Calendars. Annexed to Durand in 1962.
SHIAWASSEE Burns Township Union Plains 20 0 SW corner of Grand River Rd. and Reed Rd. Surrounded by Union Plains Cemetery.
SHIAWASSEE Burns Township Williams 29 10 NE corner of Beard and Vernon Rds. Originally was District No. 6; District annexed to Byron K-12 District in 1953.
SHIAWASSEE Caledonia Township Belknap 2 5 NW corner of Kerby & Wilkinson Rds. See Bowles School.
SHIAWASSEE Caledonia Township Eveleth 16 6 About 1/4 mi north of M-21 on State Rd. on west side Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Caledonia Township Fromm 6 2 SW corner of Hintz & Wildermuth Rds. District annexxed to Owosso in 1963. Calendars. Made into home. See Hintz School.
SHIAWASSEE Caledonia Township Hintz 6 2 SW corner of Hintz & Wildermuth Rds. District annexxed to Owosso in 1963. Calendars. Made into home.
SHIAWASSEE Caledonia Township Kelly 9 3 SE corner of Wilkinson and N. State Rds. Closed in 1960; district annexed to Corunna Public Schools.
SHIAWASSEE Caledonia Township Kerby 0 7 M-21 & Kerby Rds. Lila Han; also called Thompson School
SHIAWASSEE Caledonia Township Thompson 0 7 M-21 & Kerby Rods. Calendars. See Kerby School.
SHIAWASSEE Caledonia Township Young 2 5 NW corner of Kerby & Wilkinson Rds. Built 1870. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Cohoctah Township Russell 27 1 A few rods so. of Chase lode Rd on w. side of Byron Rd. Fractional; Tom Lound, 6673 Fleming Road, Fowlerville, MI 48836; Mary Peckens
SHIAWASSEE Fairfield Township Brainard 21 4 Riley Rd. east of Meridian Rd. Closed in 1944. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Fairfield Township Corp 4 3 NW corner of Epton and Warren Rds. No longer standing; district annexed to Ovid-Elsie District.
SHIAWASSEE Fairfield Township Fox 0 6 On Henderson Rd. between Meridian & Carland Rds. Calendars
SHIAWASSEE Fairfield Township Hambleton 0 4 . Calendars. See Brainard School.
SHIAWASSEE Fairfield Township Sawyer 11 5 Allen Rd., 1/2 mi off Carland Rd. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Hazelton Township Austin 18 9 NW corner of N. Vernon & Henderson Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Hazelton Township Hazelton Center 15 1 NW corner of Durand Rd. Lila Han, Shiawassee County Historical society; calendars
SHIAWASSEE Hazelton Township Juddville 0 0 Corner of Durand and Juddville Rds. Built in 1903. Close din early 1960's. Donated to Shiawassee County Historical Society in 1997.
SHIAWASSEE Hazelton Township Lewis 32 7 SE corner of Juddville and Vernon Rds. Annexed to Corunna in 1963; school house torn down.
SHIAWASSEE Hazelton Township New Lothrop 3 10 New Lothrop Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Hazelton Township Northwood 3 10 New Lothrop Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Hazelton Township Rhodes 25 6 NE corner of Juddville & Byron Rds. Calendars. Closed in 1955.
SHIAWASSEE Hazelton Township Tin-Top 18 9 NW corner of N. Vernon & Henderson Rds. Calendars. See Austin School.
SHIAWASSEE Middlebury Township Hammond 25 7 SW corner of W. Dewey & Shaftsburg Rds. Lila Han, Calendars; first school built in 1856
SHIAWASSEE Middlebury Township Lake 9 3 SW corner of Wilkinson and Warren Rds. Built between 1875 and 1895; annexed to K012 Ovid-Elsie District in 1962. Schoolhouse sold and remodeled into a home; nearly destroyed by fire.
SHIAWASSEE Middlebury Township Marshall 28 1 SW corner of Krouse & Warren Rds. Calendars. Building was closed and later burned.
SHIAWASSEE Middlebury Township Mead 12 6 SE corner of Carland & Wilkinson Rds. Sold and made into home. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Middlebury Township Merrill 24 2 Corner of Simpson & Fenner Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Middlebury Township Warren 34 5 NE corner of Hibbard and Warren Rds. Closed in 1940's and was annexed to Ovid-Elsie District in 1962. Originally erected in 1869.
SHIAWASSEE New Haven Township Clark 33 7 SW corner of N. State and Juddville Rds. Building torn down after annexation in 1965, residence on site.
SHIAWASSEE New Haven Township Creek 0 2 NE corner of Seymour & Henderson Rds. Lila Han
SHIAWASSEE New Haven Township Desborough 26 5 North of Juddville Rd. Calendars. See Hart School.
SHIAWASSEE New Haven Township Easton 11 6 . Converted to a residence; built in 1882. District closed in 1962 and annexed to Chesaning K-12 District.
SHIAWASSEE New Haven Township Hart 26 5 North of Juddville Rd. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE New Haven Township Hurd 8 3 McCaffrey Rd. Closed in 1957. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE New Haven Township Underwood 23 1 NW corner of Kerby & Henderson Rds. Built in 1871. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Owosso Township Branch 11 5 . Burned in 1939. Another built and annexed to Owosso in 1957. Calendars. See Carson School.
SHIAWASSEE Owosso Township Burton 18 3 Baldwin Rd. Building was moved short distance to west and made into home.
SHIAWASSEE Owosso Township Carson 11 5 . Burned in 1939. Another built and annexed to Owosso in 1957. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Owosso Township Dewey 0 1 Dewey & Hibbard Rds. Lila Han; built 1869, still standing in 1992; may be district #2
SHIAWASSEE Owosso Township Owosso 0 1 SE corner of Washington and Williams Streets Purchased by the Salem Lultheran Church. Later moved to a different site.
SHIAWASSEE Owosso Township Union 21 1 South Ruess Rd. about 3/4 mi south of M-21 Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Perry Township Austin 4 2 SW corner of M-52 and Miller Rd. Original built before 1857; district annexed to Perry District in 1920.
SHIAWASSEE Perry Township Bush 0 7 Church Rd. midway between Ruess & Beardslee Rds. Calendars. Consolidated into Perry District in 1920's.
SHIAWASSEE Perry Township Hinkley 24 4 Across road from Roselawn Cemetery on Ellsworth Rd. Extant, used for storage. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Perry Township Lovejoy 34 6 . Extant. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Perry Township Morrice 13 5 NW corner of section Built 1885; destroyed by fire 1920 and new larger one built
SHIAWASSEE Rush Township Carmody 27 7 NE corner of Juddville & Smith Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Rush Township Clark 0 0 . .
SHIAWASSEE Rush Township Goss 25 1 West side of M-52 at point where Juddville Rd. intersects Fractional; Built in 1850; building gone, but cemetery nearby remains.
SHIAWASSEE Rush Township Henderson 0 3 West side of N. Chipman Rd. Lila Han; extant 1992; first built in 1858, replaced by brick structure ca. 1900
SHIAWASSEE Rush Township Rush Center 16 4 SW corner of Smith and Six Mile Creek Rds. Built in 1869; frame structure burned in the 1880's and in 1900 a brick building was built; annexed to Owwoso K-12 district in 1962. Building now a residence.
SHIAWASSEE Rush Township Scott 30 6 NE corner of Baldwin & Juddville Rds. Fractional.
SHIAWASSEE Rush Township Washburn 0 2 Corner of N. Chipman & Epton Rds. Annexed to Owosso in 1961, later made into home. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Sciota Township Basswood 3 3 NW corner of Bennington & Leland Rds. Now Sciota Township Hall. Calendars. See Leland School.
SHIAWASSEE Sciota Township Chant 0 7 Corner of Tyrrell & Shaftsburg Rds. Sold & made into home. Calendars
SHIAWASSEE Sciota Township Leland 3 3 NW corner of Bennington & Leland Rds. Now Sciota Township Hall. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Sciota Township Octagan 23 6 Doyle Rd., midway between Austin and Shaftsburg Rds. Organized in 1859; annexed to Laingsburg in 1967. Currently a residence.
SHIAWASSEE Sciota Township Octagon 23 0 Doyle Road Calendars. Organized in 1859. District annexed to Laingsburg in 1967; building converted to residence
SHIAWASSEE Sciota Township Putnam 3 3 NW corner of Bennington & Leland Rds. Now Sciota Township Hall. Calendars. See Leland School.
SHIAWASSEE Sciota Township Walters 16 5 North side of Parker Rd., about 1 mi. east of Meridian Rd. Closed in 1965. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Sciota Township Wert 27 2 SE corner of Grand River Rd. & Colby Lake Rd. Lila Han - calendar 1990
SHIAWASSEE Shiawassee Township Eddy 20 5 Grand River Rd., east of Colby Rd. intersection Built in 1865; annexed to Corunna and Morrice in 1962. Building remodeled into a home. Also known as Kirker School.
SHIAWASSEE Shiawassee Township Kirker 20 5 Grand River Rd., east of Colby Rd. intersection See Eddy School.
SHIAWASSEE Shiawassee Township Lemon 8 8 NE corner of Garrison & Scribner Rds. Lila Han Shiawassee County Hist. Soc., 22 Curwood Castle Drive, Owosso, MI 48867. Built about 1870.
SHIAWASSEE Shiawassee Township Newburg 14 2 Corner of Bancroft & Newburg Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Shiawassee Township Oak Grove 2 11 SW corner of Parmenter & Hibbard Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Shiawassee Township Octagon 0 9 . Built in 1850. Closed in early 1960's; building remodeled into home
SHIAWASSEE Shiawassee Township Shiawassee 0 1 Bennington Rd., Lot #32 in SW part of Shiatown Lila Han - Shiawassee Co. Hist. Soc. - Calendar of 1990
SHIAWASSEE Venice Township Cronkhite 22 4 South of Lemon Rd. on Durand Rd. Calendars. See Venice Center School.
SHIAWASSEE Venice Township Forest 2 5 NW corner of Wilkinson & Byron Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Venice Township Lennon 0 6 about 1/4 mile west of Buckhorn Tavern Annexed to Durand. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Venice Township Lytle 29 1 SE corner of Vernon and Lytle Roads Frame building built in 1868; schoolhouse was torn down and residence on site.
SHIAWASSEE Venice Township Martin 18 7 NW corner of Vernon Rd. and M-21 Frame school replaced log school which was then used as blacksmith shop. District annexed to Corunna in 1963. Building has been torn down.
SHIAWASSEE Venice Township Venice 22 4 South of Lemon Rd. on Durand Rd. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Venice Township Wilkinson 7 2 Wilkinson Rd., north side of Shipman Rd. at Venice Rd. intersection Lila Han Calendars
SHIAWASSEE Vernon Township Baird 2 6 NE corner of Goodall and Byron Rds. Built in 1856; originally District No. 1; frame structure replaced log school; district annexed to Durand Schools in 1962.
SHIAWASSEE Vernon Township Garrison 18 2 SW corner of Vernon & Garrison Rds. Annexed to Duran in 1950's. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Vernon Township Holmes 29 3 South side of Pittsburgh Rd., east of Vernon Rd. intersection Lila Han Shiawassee County Hist. Soc. Calendars; student - Richard Welch
SHIAWASSEE Vernon Township Huff 26 8 SW corner of Byron & Pittsburg Rds. Calendars. See Mikan School.
SHIAWASSEE Vernon Township Lovejoy 28 0 NW corner of Durand Rd. & Prior Rd. A private residence.
SHIAWASSEE Vernon Township Mikan 0 8 SE corner of Byron & Newburg Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Woodhull Township Corcoran 28 3 Stoll Rd. west of Woodbury Rd. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Woodhull Township Graham 0 2 North side of Britton Rd., west of Pulver Rd. intersection Annexed in 1962 and burned shortly after.
SHIAWASSEE Woodhull Township Kay 12 4 NE corner of Birtton & Shaftsburg Rds. Calendars.
SHIAWASSEE Woodhull Township Shaftsburg 23 6 . Originally District #2.
SHIAWASSEE Woodhull Township Sprague 5 1 SW corner Woodbury & Winegar Rds. Closed 1954
SHIAWASSEE Woodhull Township Woodhull 0 0 Corner of Woodbury Rd. & EM 78 Established by 1887; fractional with Bath Township, Clinton County; still standing in 1978

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