Pine Grove School 1893

 Second row from top, fourth from left is Blanche Whitford, daughter of Daniel
Whitford and Mary Mattison Whitford.
Thanks to Michalene Cardella -
for submitting this picture.  If you can identify any of the pupils or adults in the photo - let us know.  Michalene says there are probably a lot of Myers and Valleau children in the picture too.
 Update Submitted by Alan Adrianson -
The picture is found in the book, "Descendants of Andrew Everest of York, Maine", by Winifred Lovering Holman in 1955,and compiled for David Clark Everest of Wausau, Wisconsin.  It is located in a section of photo's between pages 372 and 373.  (D.C Everest was a first cousin of Alan's great grandmother and they were both grandchildren of David
Oscar Everest)
Caption under the photo reads;
Pine Grove School, District #3, 1893, David Clark Everest, third from left, second row from bottom.