Possible Ice House in Bangor


Scott Nelson has identified the picture as an old "Ice House" usually found along the railroad.
The Railroad Ice house was used from the 1880s to the 1970s, ice-cooled
reefers were a fixture of railroading. Solid trains raced across country
with their perishable loads. Supplying ice for the cars in transit was a
huge industry. Railroads built ice houses and platforms, like this Ice house
you have, about every 250-300 miles. Here, entire trains could be serviced
and on the move in minutes.
The odd shape of the house with the tower like center was to load the ice on
the train to the ice cars from above. In this photo it is hard to tell but
there are most likely Rails behind the house and probably a lake or a stream
very close by.

This picture was  sent to us by Bob Emmert and is supposed to be a Bangor picture.  If anyone can identify it as a Bangor photo - please contact me.

Joan Jaco

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