Colon MI Concert Band picture taken on or before 1916

Back Row:  Otto DeWitt, True John Mowry, Lawrence Niendorf, Leslie Hartman, Moss Estes, Mayne Ware, Dale Baad, Clarence Reed (Conductor).

Bottom Row:  Randal Wagner, Big Ed Hill, Ralph Yeatter, Arthur Kane, John Moore, Leonard Bright.

you will find the Langley Covered Bridge near Centreville, the county seat. Built in 1887, it spans St. Joseph River about 3 miles north of the village of Centreville. It is the largest covered bridge in Michigan with 3 spans each 94 feet in length, 16 feet high and 19 feet wide.


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The following photos were donated by Carol Salisbury Schatz


1. Susanna H. Lyter, born in Branch Co. married to Alvin Bartlett Salisbury in Burr Oak 3 Feb. 1878. 

2. Left - Alvin Bartlett Salisbury, son of Soloman R & Louisa Bartlett Salisbury. Lived on his parents farm located just outside of Colon. Right - unknown person, maybe a cousin? 

3. Alvin Bartlett Salisbury
4. Lyter Farm located on Lyter Rd, Branch Co, MI. Older couple, Joseph & Elizabeth Lyter, older daughters standing off to right and children. 

5. Lyter siblings. top left to right - Sara Lyter Peters (wife of Anthony Peters), Julia Etta Lyter (married to William P. Wagner), Mary Ella Lyter ( first married John Grett and had two daughters, later married Elliott Adams). Bottom left to right - Susanna H. Lyter Salisbury ( married to Alvin Bartlett Salisbury), Fred Lyter (married to Clara Younce) & Hattie Lyter Lytle (married James W. Lytle). 

6. Mary Ella Lyter  

6a. Mary Ella Lyter

7. Sara Peters and son Jay?
8. Susanna Lyter Salisbury and her sister Mary Ella Grett/Adams. 

9. Susanna Lyter and Alvin Salisbury marriage photo 3 Feb, 1878.


If anyone has any information in regards to these families or has similar photos, please contact Carol Salisbury Schatz. Thank you


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