1850 Census St Joseph County

Transcribed by Carole L. Carr
Proofed and edited by Josephine Reed Garzelloni
Submitted to St. Joseph County, Michigan USGenWeb Project
30 May 1998.

This is an alphabetical listing, by surname, of the 1850 Census reading. Click on the letter to access the surname you're looking for.

1850 A - B ] 1850 Census C ] 1850 Census D - E ] 1850 Census F - G ] 1850 Census H ] 1850 Census I - K ] 1850 Census L ] 1850 Census M ] 1850 Census N - Q ] 1850 Census R ] 1850 Census S ] 1850 Census T - V ] 1850 Census W - Z ]


Please read the following disclaimer from Josie for additional understanding of this body of work.

About one year ago (April 1997) I learned of the existence of an early typed copy of the 1850 St. Joseph County, Michigan Federal Census. After some careful soul searching I decided this was too important a file not to transcribe for USGenWeb Project regardless of the amount of work involved. It took a lot of work and effort on behalf of the head librarian, Linda Hilton and her wonderful staff to provide us with copy so we could do this labor of love for the county web page. Many thanks also to Edie Olmstead, at the Burr Oak Library for her aid in getting the copies to us. We are in their debt.

The original copy of this typed census is a certified copy made by Lolita Connely for the Three Rivers Public Library in 1929. We've made every effort to make it as accurate as possible. We are not able to add anything more than what is here. This is not a primary source for documentation.

We know there are errors in this document but we have been as careful as we've been able to bring it to you as we've been able to read it. Please make note of our legend for the marks you will see in this document.

?? marks in (??) are those of the original transcriber.
?? marks in [??] are ours when we've been unable to see the typing well enough to know what it was.

In some of the families there are people where the name appears to be backwards from that of the rest of the family in that their surname appears after their given name. In naming tradition the maiden name of the mother was often the middle name of the child, whereas in other naming patterns the surname of the father would be used as a middle name. We have no way of knowing if these are typing errors in the first transcription or if they are indeed the middle name of the individual. To this purpose, we are bound to transcribed them exactly as we've found them; leaving them stand as we've found them. You will have to come to your own conclusion on what they were.

Except for our own family research we are not able to give additional information on any of the names found within this file.


A huge 'THANK YOU' goes out to these two special women for their work in getting this information compiled, please email them to extend your own 'thank you' if you have found these pages to be of help with your genealogical research.



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