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Burr Oak Township

    Burr Oak Township Cemetery (Sanborn Cemetery)  (Findagrave.com)

    Locust Grove Mennonite Cemetery (Formerly Findley Cemetery)  (Findagrave.com)

    Sanborn Cemetery

    Toby Cemetery


 Colon Township

    Lakeside Cemetery

    South Colon Cemetery


Constantine Township

    Brick Chapel (Methodist Church) Cemetery

    Broad Street (Broadstreet) Cemetery

    Constantine Cemetery

    Pioneer Memorial Cemetery

    Ruple (Stengle) (Stangle) Cemetery


Fabius Township

    Beadle Cemetery

    Morrison Cemetery

    St. Gregory's Episcopal Abbey Cemetery


Fawn River Township

    Fawn River Village Cemetery

    Freedom Cemetery

    Froh (County Infirmary) (Poor Farm) Cemetery     


Florence Township

    Calhone (Calhoon) (Calhoun) Cemetery

    Fellowship Bible Church Cemetery (Formerly Oak Grove Mennonite Cemetery)

    Peek (Peeke) Cemetery


Flowerfield Township

    Flatbush (Lower Flatbush) (United Brethren Evangelical Church) Cemetery

    Flowerfield Cemetery

    Howardsville Cemetery

    Knob Hill (Knobs) Cemetery

    Upper Flatbush


Leonidas Township

   Banta Cemetery

    Beard Cemetery

    Factoryville (Pleasant View) Cemetery

    Leonidas Cemetery

    McAuley Cemetery


Lockport Township

    Bowman Park (Old City) Cemetery

    Culberson (Culbertson Family) Cemetery

    Riverside Cemetery  (Findagrave.com)

    Unknown Cemetery


Mendon Township

    Doane (Scott) Cemetery

    Dutton Cemetery

    Mendon Cemetery

    St Edward's Catholic Church Cemetery

    Sprung Cemetery


Mottville Township

    Aurand (Mennonite) Cemetery

    Mottville Cemetery

    Thompson Cemetery


Nottawa Township

    Amish Cemetery

    Babcock Cemetery

    Centreville (Old) Cemetery

    Ketcheum (Pioneer) Cemetery

    Laird Cemetery

    Nottawa Cemetery

    Prairie River Cemetery


Park Township

    Center Park Cemetery

    Lutheran Church (Moore Park) Cemetery

    Mint (North Park) Cemetery

    Park (Parkville) Cemetery

    South Park Cemetery


Sherman Township

    Salem (Sherman) Cemetery


Sturgis Township

    Lutheran Church Cemetery

    Oak Lawn (Sturgis) (Oaklawn) ( Terrace) Cemetery

    Sturgis Memorial Cemetery


White Pigeon Township

    Catholic Cemetery

    Newville Cemetery

    St Joseph's Cemetery

    White Pigeon Cemetery

Special thanks to Pattie S. Bender and her staff at the St. Joseph County Clerk's office at the county courthouse for the time and energy to provide this file for inclusion on the St. Joseph County USGenWeb page. Click here to visit the cemeteries and sextons page of St. Joseph County.

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